Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rockingham County Election Results

Here are the election results for Rockingham County.  This is just for Rockingham County.  There are some races that include votes outside of Rockingham County.

Click here to see the vote count.

Of particular interest is Donald Trump crushing Hillary Clinton, Richard Burr smashing Deborah Ross,  Pat McCrory beating Roy Cooper, Bert Jones beating Keef Duncan, Eugene Russell beating Kyle Hall,  all three Berger boys winning their races, Amy Lee Simpson losing the Register of Deeds race to Ben Curtis, Brent Huss booting Nell Rose off the School Board after a couple of hundred years, and the sales tax increase losing 75% to 25%,

Sunday, November 6, 2016

I found another Clinton sign

I found my second Clinton sign in Rockingham County.  There is one is in my yard and this second one was found not far from my home.  It's not in anyone's yard, but kinda abandoned on the side of the road.

It's not in very good shape.  I guess it's a good thing the election is only two days away because this sign may not last more than two days.

I have heard two reports of other Clinton signs, but I have not substantiated them.

There's no doubt a Clinton sign is a rare thing in Rockingham County.

Saturday, November 5, 2016


I stay up pretty late at night, not Donald Trump late, but still late.  I usually go to bed around 2 AM.  Sometimes I stay up later, sometimes I go to bed earlier.  I watch a lot of TV in the wee hours.  At those hours you see unusual things, especially the commercials.

Adam and Eve offers a lot of interesting half-hour infomercials.  I never knew there were some many double-function adult novelties available.  Many of them come with a free DVD.  I'm not sure all of this stuff is legal in North Carolina.  

There's all kinds of rubber sealants and furniture finish repair kits.  Did you know you can make a boat out of a screen door or make a scuff on your coffee table disappear before your eyes?  It's like magic!

Two of the most interesting products are V.I. POO and POO-POURRI.  These are similar products that must have been invented by elves, wood nymphs, wizards or fairies.

It's all quite simple.  When you are ready to drop a deuce and are concerned about lingering odor, reach into your pocket or purse and pull out a small aerosol spray bottle and spritz a few squirts on the surface of the water.  Drop your load and the aroma is sealed below the surface of the water.  Wipe and flush and there's nothing left but a natural and pleasing odor.  It's incredible.

V.I. POO is available in lemon, rose, lavender, and fruit aromas.  POO-POURRI is available in lavender vanilla, lavender mint, and merry spritzmas.  With the holidays coming up, I'm ordering the Merry Spritzmas for my wife.  It's going to be a happier time around my house!

Still not sure about these products?  I've included a couple of videos to help explain these valuable aromatics.  Enjoy.

It smells like Diaper Gravy!  Poo-Poosh It Real Good!  An Appetizing Blend of Natural Oils.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chicken shoes

Imagine my surprise when I discovered these shoes standing in my kitchen.  I learned they are a belated birthday gift for my wife.

Yes, those are chickens pictured on the shoes.  I'm told they are called SLOGGERS.  I don't know whether non-chicken themes are available.

Click images to enlarge.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Craig Travis tormented by entire team

This is going to blow Rockingham County Commissioner Craig Travis' mind.  An entire high school football team, including the coach, is kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem.

Garfield High School, which is located near Seattle, Washington, has latched onto the protest thing started by Reidsville High cheerleaders and San Francisco 49'ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

Craig Travis is going to be having some sleepless nights during football season.

Presidential Chia heads announced

This is pretty big news.  I thought I should get it out there as quickly as possible.  Chia has announced it is producing a limited edition of Presidential Heads.  Heads for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the big sellers, but Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama are also available.

These are really easy to use.  Rub some Chia seeds on the head and water.  Bingo!  You'll soon have a growing bust of your Presidential candidate.  A Donald Trump head would make an excellent choice for County Commissioner Craig Travis.

If we had a K-Mart, the Presidential Heads would be available there.  Too bad K-Mart has gone out of business in Reidsville.  I don't know if Eden has a K-Mart.  

I guess you'll have to contact Chia directly to get some head.

I am waiting for the Ted Cruz head to place my order.

Click image to enlarge

Craig Travis announces endorsements

Rockingham County Commissioner Craig Travis has released his long-awaited list of endorsements for this November's election.  Craig covers every Republican from President Donald Trump to School Board member Brent Huss.  And, of course there's a Berger on the list.

If you have any sense, you will run away from Craig's list and vote for somebody else or don't vote at all.

And, most importantly, keep your liberal mouth shut.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Master Debaters

Trump and Clinton go at it.

Stealing campaign signs is illegal

I just received a notice from Rockingham County Board of Elections Director Tina Cardwell,  Tina wanted to remind me that what School Board member Ron Price did was illegal.  I didn't need reminding, but I guess Tina wanted to be sure I knew Ron did a bad thing.

Here's Tina's notice:

The Board of Elections has no authority to enforce laws pertaining to the placement of political signs.  We do provide to and review Political Sign Laws with Candidates when they set up their committees, and also provide this information to the public in an effort to inform.

Issues concerning the placement of political signs within city/town limits on city/town streets are matters for the city/town.

If the sign is in the ETJ, you should call the respective city/town.  Zoning in the ETJ is controlled by the city/town.

Issues concerning the placement of political signs in the county are matters for the county and should be directed to the Planning and Zoning Department.

Issues concerning the placement of political signs on State maintained roads are matters for the NCDOT and should be directed to your local office of the NCDOT.

Signs unlawfully placed upon the property of another have no legal protection and can be disposed of by the property owner.  This does not apply on days voting is taking place for properties that serve as a voting location.

General Statute 14-384 makes it a misdemeanor to remove lawfully placed signs, including political signs.  Complaints as to an alleged violation of this statute should be directed to law enforcement by the complaining party.

There is also a provision in General Statute 136-32(e) that makes it a misdemeanor to remove lawfully placed signs on right-of-ways.  Complaints as to an alleged violation of this statute should be directed to law enforcement by the complaining party.

Please note 136-32(b).  This section of the statute describes the period as to when it is lawful for political signs to be placed on state maintained right-of-ways.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Clinton-Kaine sign makes appearance

Here it is. Admire it for these are extremely rare in Rockingham County. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Trump-Pence sign, but getting a Clinton-Kaine sign requires that you know "someone". I'm lucky my wife knows "someone".
I'm told there are a few Clinton-Kaine signs around Reidsville. That may or may not be true. I don't get out a lot, so I can't say for sure. I know the southern part of the county is covered in Trump-Pence signs.
Trump will likely win 60-70 percent of the vote in Rockingham County. I know this because 70 percent of the county voted for a state Constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage. Of course the Federal courts shot that down, but it shows you where the county has its head.
This Clinton-Kaine sign is planted on a hill in my front yard. I have it covered by video surveillance in case a Rockingham County School Board member decides to steal it and replace it with a Vernon Robinson sign.
I think it's important to note the fine print on the bottom of the sign indicates it was paid for by a gay-owned business in Greensboro. Thank you, gay-owned business.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Get off your ass and vote!

Below is a sample ballot for this year's election.  It won't be an exact match for your ballot, but it will be pretty close.  We don't all receive the same ballot.

You will notice Phil Berger is running unopposed for this NC Senate seat.  Eric Fink, the college professor who was trying to get on the ballot by gathering signatures to run against Berger, failed in his effort.  This was as expected - Berger is God.

There will be differences in the NC House of Representatives race and the School Board,  And, there will be a lot of people running for Judge positions whom you've never heard of.

I will be using a totally new strategy for voting.  For the first time ever, I will be voting a nearly straight ticket.  I will not consider whether I know anything about a candidate's record.  If the candidate is a Democrat, he will get my vote.  If a candidate is Republican, he's outta there as far as I am concerned.  There will be a few exceptions, but overall that's my plan.

I will not be voting in some races.   For instance, the NC House of Representatives District 91 - Eugene Russell is a Democrat, but I will not vote for him.  He was the former Rockingham County Attorney for the County Commissioners.  He was incredibly lazy and that was his best quality.

I'm not sure, but I believe Keef Duncan is running for a seat in the other NC House District.  Duncan is a Democrat and he is a Rockingham County Commissioner.  I would not vote for Keef Duncan if he were on my ballot and would not vote for whomever the Republican candidate is.

The NC Commissioner of Insurance - neither Causey or Goodwin will get my vote.  I don't know the Democrat and I won't vote for a Republican, so I'm not voting in that race.

NC Superintendent of Public Instruction - I won't vote in that race.  My cousin, who is an idiot retired teacher with an A&T Masters degree is a big June Atkinson fan.  I can safely assume Democrat Atkinson is an idiot too and I can't vote for Republican Mark Johnson.

NC Court of Appeals Judge - I know Phil Berger, Jr.  He was a disaster as Rockingham County District Attorney and he's a Republican.  I don't know Democrat Linda Stephens, but I will vote for her just to keep Berger out of the seat.

I know nothing about any of the other Judge races, so I won't vote for anybody.

Board of Education District 1 - Amanda Bell is running against Penny Owens.  This is a non-partisan race.  Both candidates have served on the School Board at some point.  One is about as good as the other, which means they are both pretty much useless.  The School Board does whatever the Superintendent tells them to do.  The School Board pretty much works like the Reidsville City Council when Kelly Almond was the City Manager.  Amanda is the incumbent.  I will vote for Penny just to give her a chance to try again - get some new old blood on the board.  

Whoever is on your ballot, I suggest you vote against any School Board incumbent.  The incumbent was likely on the School Board when Wendy Hoover was allowed to steal $20,000+ from the school system's daycare fund.  Wendy was County Commissioner Wink Hoover's daughter.  She got a "Get Out Jail Free" pass. Other incumbents are Ron Price and his acolytes.  Ron stole campaign signs from the roadside and replaced them with his candidate's signs.   He was caught by the Police.  Since stealing the signs, he's been repeatedly re-elected to the School Board.

Pender Grogan is running unopposed for Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.  Pender is an important person.  I don't know why, but he is legendary in Reidsville.  I will not vote for a legend.

The Rockingham County Commissioners want to increase the sales tax.  This is not the first time the Commissioners have tried to pull this stunt.  Of course I will vote against that increase.  

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

I got a letter from Donald Trump

Click images to enlarge

I guess my secret is out.  Even Presidential nominee Donald Trump now knows it.  He sent me a letter asking me to donate $5,000 to his campaign.  Donald obviously knows I am filthy rich.  He wants my money to help him win the race to the White House.

Jeez!  I thought the guy was a multi-billionaire and he would be paying his own way to the top.  Now he's asking me for money.

It's a thee-page letter, so I won't print it here.

But I am including a survey that accompanied the letter.  I have filled out the survey with all my answers under the Clinton column.

I will return the survey to Donald in the postage paid envelop, and I will not include Donald's request for $15 to pay for the postage.

Sorry, Donald, but you're a rich guy and you said you would be paying for your own campaign.  So, have at it.

Click survey to enlarge

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Hardest Working Sheriff in Show Business

He's back at it again.  That's right, Sheriff Sam Page, the Hardest Working Sheriff in Show Business, is appearing in a national Donald Trump TV commercial for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  San even does part of the voice over for the commercial.

FAIR warns us Obama's immigration policy is the root of all evil and only Donald Trump has the answer to the mess Obama has created.

Click here to see and hear Sam strut his stuff.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review revises EDC job creation estimate

Scratch the original 603,000,000 estimate.

It took almost three weeks, but the Reidsville Review has slightly revised its Economic Development Commission job creation estimate.  The Review is now reporting 372 jobs were created since 2014.

Feel free to believe whichever number suits you.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review reports EDC created 603,000,000 jobs

A shiny new EDC building has kicked off an economic boom in Rockingham County

The Reidsville Review is reporting that the Rockingham County Economic Development Commission has created almost 603,000,000 jobs since 2014

From the Reidsville Review:

“From 2014 when Economic Development became a county department, you taxpayers realized a capital investment, to date, with 11 industrial projects (and) 602,990,372 jobs,” said Jan Critz, director of Economic Development, Small Business and Tourism.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I was shocked today!

Burger King before the wrecking ball struck

I was told today that the old Burger King located at Scales and Richardson in Reidsville has been torn down after being boarded up for years.  The Burgers King's plywood windows and doors were one of the main attractions on the famous Reidsville Walking Tour.

Family Dollar is slated to build a new location in the former Burger King spot.  Reidsville will soon have access to almost as many Dollar (Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree) stores as pizza parlors, tattoo shops, and beauty salons.

It's easy to understand why Reidsville was picked as one of the top cities in the state.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The best of times, the worst of times

The Reidsville Review has selected Eden and Reidsville as two of the top cities in North Carolina.  The Review is reporting Reidsville was chosen as #30 and Eden as #38.

Not surprisingly, The head knockers at The Reidsville and Eden Chamber of Commerce are pretty excited.

Oddly, Eden and Reidsville have also been selected as the 9th and 11th worst cities in North Carolina.  The Reidsville Review has not mentioned this fact.

Nobody seems very excited about being selected as the 9th and 11th worst cities in the state.

I don't know who to believe?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I met some interesting people today

I attended Eden's SHAGGIN' ON FIELDCREST event.  It was a lot like the Eden event I attended a couple of months ago.  You remember OINK AND ALE, don't you?  This SHAGGIN' event is held in downtown Draper.  It features beer in the street and some really loud music.  I also saw a ZERO GRAVITY booth and maybe two other shoot something and win a prize booths.  That's pretty much it.  I guess SHAGGIN' ON FIELDCREST is exactly like OINK AND ALE.  If you want to see pictures of SHAGGIN', just click on the OINK link.

I saw lots of interesting folks in the Draper area of Eden.  The people watching was very exciting.  Draperites are an unusual breed.

First there was the Barber of Draper Tommy Woodall.  Well, I didn't actually see Tommy because he's serving what amounts to a life sentence in prison for boinking some mentally challenged teenage girls who were reportedly being pimped out by their mother.

But I did see Tommy's old hangout where some of the boinking is said to have taken place.  Appropriately, SHAGGIN' was just a few steps down the street from Woodall's.  Woodall's is all boarded up now - lonely and desperate looking.  I guess it will be that way for a couple of decades.  I hope Tommy can open her back up in the year 2036 when he gets out of prison.

And I met Geri Hunt.  Geri is the latest in a long, long line of Reidsville Review newspaper publishers.  As she was introduced to me, I shook her hand and told her how much I enjoyed her newspaper, especially the online edition.  For some reason, Geri acted kinda odd when all I was doing was trying to be polite.  She quickly scurried away as soon as I released her hand.  I wanted to talk a little "shop" with her.  Strange.  She treated me like Ann Fish used to do.  Maybe my six-day deodorant pad was failing me.  It was a very hot day.

Glenn Martin delivers another depressing child fatality report to the County Commissioners

I saw Glenn Martin.  You remember Glenn Martin, don't you?  His hair is all white now.  Glenn was once named the most boring speaker in Rockingham County government.  He is the Director of Public Health.  Every year Glenn would give a speech to the County Commissioners about how many children died in Rockingham County two years ago.  Glenn was never more current than two years ago.  Every year his report was the same - two babies died from SIDS, one died in a car wreck, one drowned, one was killed by his drunk "diddy", and one died of unknown causes.  Poor Glenn.  Year after year, the same tragic report.  Glenn had a committee that studied these things, but it never got any better.  I felt sorry for him.  He couldn't seem to make a difference in how many children died.

 Dubby was at OINK and probably SHAGGIN' too

I heard a report that W.L. Pryor was at SHAGGIN', but I never saw him myself.  "Dubby" is still fresh from being found guilty of 15 illegal gaming felonies and from being rejected by the Danville Planning Board for wanting to build a bingo parlor in Danville.  It seems the Planning Board got a little nervous when he said there might be some "electronic pull tab machines" on the premises.  I have no idea what "electronic pull tab machines" are, but the Planning Board didn't like the sounds of it.  "Dubby" plans to appeal the Planning Board decision to the Danville City Council.

This interesting street sign was spotted in Draper during SHAGGIN'.  I'm not at all sure how to interpret it.  I suppose Draper folk understand it and that's all that matters.

He never missed a day!

For more than a week, the Reidsville Review has been featuring a story about a kid who had 13 years of perfect school attendance.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Review poll now in third month

The Reidsville Review poll on the favorability of Duke Power following the coal ash dump into the Dan River and a $250,000 grant to "a Rockingham County organization" is now entering it's third month.  How long can this go on?  The poll seems likely to outlive any pollution caused by the spill.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Miller Brewing: Re-opening in one year

Note: The following story has been read more than 10,000 times.  It may needlessly outrage some of you who feel a need to be outraged at somebody about something.  That is unfortunate, but please don't label me as "irresponsible" because you don't like what we've reported.  This is exactly as it was told by an Eden City official.  I will not name the official or the place or circumstance where we were given the information.  If you don't like the story (I'm not sure why because it is somewhat hopeful), don't complain to the City of Eden.

We just attended a really nice Memorial Day weekend cookout in Eden.  Very nice...hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken breasts, all kinds of sides.  Good food and beverage.  Nice, friendly people.

We knew practically no one at the party, but we did meet a highly placed Eden City official.  He told us production has completely halted at Miller Brewing.  No more beer is being made in Eden, NC.

Only a few maintenance workers remain to monitor the Eden plant.  According to the highly placed Eden City official, all production workers have been shipped off to the Atlanta area or the Shenandoah area.  He did not say, but we assume Shenandoah refers to northern Virginia.

Again, according to the highly placed Eden official, Miller plans to keep the Eden plant closed for about a year until its contract with the Teamsters Union runs out.  After the contract with the Teamsters expires, the plant will be re-opened and production will resume without union protection for its workers.

Asked why Miller Brewing would bother to re-open the Eden plant, if production was being made in Atlanta and Shenandoah,  the highly placed Eden city official said production in Atlanta and Shenandoah would not make up for the loss of Eden.  Miller would be short on beer production for a year while the Eden plant was closed.  The temporary shortage of beer will be well worth getting rid of the union in Eden.

The highly placed Eden City official told us this was the straight of it. 

He also told us he has a high school education.  He seemed like the smartest man we've ever met.  He seemed to know everything.  At least that's the way he sounded.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review poll sets new endurance record

This is either a mighty important poll or the poll writer has simply run out of new ideas.
The Reidsville Review's poll on Duke Power has now been up for more than a month. The "read the story" link in the headline does not work and never has. On a more positive note, the number of votes cast has increased above the initial 16 votes.

Today's Question

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Oink and Ale Hullabaloo

Click images to enlarge.

Honored guest and convicted felon W.L. Pryor was out and about greeting well-wishers.  Pryor pressed the flesh, made friends, and influenced people at Eden's Second Annual Oink and Ale event.

W.L. pulled up his pants in case of an unexpected flood.  He arrived around 6:00 PM and was immediately mobbed by admirers rather than a flood.  This is about as close we dared get to him.  Felons are often skittish around our camera.  We've found they will either attack us or cut and run when spotted.

Anyway it was great seeing W.L. Pryor has put that messy legal annoyance behind him and is back in the saddle and making people happy again.  Long live W.L. Pryor!

Oink and Ale is a half block of music, barbecue, and beer that has replaced the worn out and tired Ribfest.  There was less oink at Oink and Ale, but more ale than Ribfest.  Three or four barbecue vendors were aided by three or four beer vendors.  A $15 ticket got you 12 3-oz samples of beer.

Lemonade and pop were also available.  A booth or two offered cookies and cakes and there could have been a trinket vendor or two.

WGSR-TV spokesmodel Debbie Moore made repeated trips to the PIG POUNDER taps to refill her 3-oz sample cup.  I have to say the PIG POUNDER brew was very tasty.

Lemonade sales were a tad slow, but it was nice having a choice.

Miller Brewing is closing its Eden plant in four months.  It will be gone forever.  Nevertheless, the Miller folks were nice enough to appear at Oink and Ale and serve some beer.

The sign speaks for itself.

This girl sang for MOOSH.  MOOSH and RUN FOR THE BORDER provided entertainment for Oink and Ale.

This cute girl was collecting signatures to get Eric Fink on the ballot to run against Phil "Bathroom" Berger in November.  No matter how many times we told her that she was fighting for a hopeless cause, she kept smiling and encouraged me to sign her petition.  I did sign.  She has a little more than three weeks to collect 10,000 signatures.  Berger has ruffled a few feathers, but he is considered a GOD in Rockingham County.  Berger "represents" Rockingham County and northwest Guilford County.

Spokesmodel Debbie Moore pounds more PIG POUNDER and a barbecue sandwich.

I don't know who the guy on the right is.  We watched as a video cameraman followed him around, recording everything he did.  He is obviously standing beside a cop, but before he joined the cop, we had decided he is some sort of policeman.  Let us know if you know him.  Second guess is a minister.

Here is the reverse side of the guy.  Maybe this view will help you identify him.

Here is the City of Eden's ad for Oink and Ale.  Notice "several other local craft brewers" and "a commemorative tasting glass" beside an image of a glass.

Here is the commemorative tasting glass everyone received.  It is made of thin, lightweight plastic, not glass.

Did we mention W.L. Pryor attended Oink and Ale?  W.L. went to Carolina, did you know that?

Click images to enlarge.

Click here to read our restaurant reviews.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump is the best, said no one ever!

After 42 primaries and caucuses, Donald Trump is the Republicans’ presumptive nominee for president. And as the new leader of the party, it’s up to Trump to live up to his claim that he’s “a unifier.”
He’s going to have a tough go of it. Trump’s fellow Republicans haven’t held back when it comes to a candidate they believe to be unqualified and dangerous.
Here, in their own words, is what Republicans have said about Trump and his views:


1. A pathological liar [5/3/16]
2. Doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies [5/3/16]

3. A narcissist at a level I don’t think this country has ever seen [5/3/16]

4. Utterly amoral [5/3/16]
5. A bully [5/3/16]
6. Lying to his supporters [5/3/16]
7. Cynically exploiting [5/3/16]
8. A sniveling coward [3/24/16]
10. Beneath the office we are seeking [3/25/16]
11. Using great wealth and power trying to bully others [2/21/16]
12. Intricately involved in the corruption of Washington for 40 years [3/9/16]
13. Out of his depth [3/27/16]


14. The know-nothing candidate [12/15/15]


15. Carnival barker [1/5/16]


17. Has not proven an understanding of these issues or the preparation necessary to be the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military force in the world [10/25/15]
18. Not going to be able to serve as Commander-in-Chief [9/4/15]
20. The most vulgar person ever to aspire to the presidency [3/4/16]
21. Absurd [7/19/15]
22. Offensive [7/19/15]
23. Ridiculous [7/19/15]
24. Potentially unelectable [3/2/16]

25. A con artist [2/29/16]

26. An embarrassment [3/15/16]


27. A jerk [1/6/16]
28. Not a serious candidate [12/23/15]

29. One part unhinged and one part foolish [12/23/15]

30. An actor playing the role of the candidate for president [10/18/15]
31. Not qualified to be president [12/14/15]
32. Not the Commander-in-Chief we would need to keep our country safe [12/15/15]
34. Does not believe in the greatness of our country [9/4/15]


35. A nutjob [2/25/16]
36. Ill-suited for the job [2/25/16]
37. A loser as a person [2/25/16]

38. Race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot [12/8/15]

39. So unfit to be Commander-in-Chief [8/17/15]
41. Would lead to another 9/11 [5/1/16]
42. Helping the enemy of this nation [12/8/15]
43. Empowering radical Islam [12/8/15]
44. I don't think he has a clue about anything [12/8/15]
45. Undercutting everything we stand for [12/8/15]


46. Extremely divisive [1/5/16]
47. A man who seems to only feel big when he’s trying to make other people feel small [12/3/15]


49. A leader that’s separating us [11/29/15]


51. Used to buying politicians [8/6/15]


52. Unserious and unstable narcissist [9/10/15]
53. Has no understanding of policy [9/10/15]


56. Lacks the temperament to be president [3/3/16]
57. A phony [3/3/16]

58. A fraud [3/3/16]

59. Playing the American people for suckers [3/3/16]


60. Very dishonest [1/27/16]


62.“His comments ... should completely and immediately disqualify him from seeking our nation’s highest office.” [7/20/15]
When Trump said he could bring people together, this probably wasn’t what he had in mind.