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Ron Price's Deposition

Ron Price takes an oath on the Bible to support and uphold the Constitution of the United States, particularly the First Amendment, as he is sworn into the Rockingham County Board of Education.  Board attorney Jill Wilson holds the Bible for Price because Price had no family members present at the swearing-in.  Typically, a candidate will have a family member hold the Bible when they are sworn-in.

What follows is the twisted and convoluted testimony of Ron Price during a deposition for Price's lawsuit against Richard and Debra Moore.  Price sued the Moores for accusing him of stealing campaign signs.  The Reidsville Police found the "stolen" campaign signs in Price's car.  Price admitted he took the signs from Highway14.

Price appeared very nervous and highly agitated during his testimony.

It is long and laborious, but I recommend you read it before casting a vote for Ron Price.  It will reveal much about candidate Price and his view of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

It was not known at the time of the deposition, but Price would later proclaim himself to be a "Sovereign Citizen".  Sovereign Citizens believe they are exempt from the laws of our state and country.

Seth Cohen is the attorney hired by the Moores to defend them against Price's ridiculous accusations.  Doug Hux of Eden represented Price.

For the record, days after Price gave this deposition the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice against Price.


          2                              SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION

          3   ROCKINGHAM COUNTY                 07 CvS 746   

          4   RONALD PRICE,

          5        Plaintiff,

          6        -vs-   


          8   RICHARD J. MOORE and wife,

          9   DEBRA T. MOORE,

         10        Defendants.

         11   ___________________________________

         12                       Eden, North Carolina

         13                       November 15, 2007

         14                       2:01 p.m.






         20                      - - - - - - - -

         21                         DEPOSITION

         22                            OF

         23                    RONALD FILER PRICE

         24                      - - - - - - - -



          1   APPEARANCES:


          3        HUX LAW OFFICES, by

          4        DOUGLAS R. HUX, ESQ.

          5        703 Washington Street             

          6        Eden, North Carolina  27288

          7        Appearing on behalf of the Plaintiff.

          8        (336) 627-5143


         10        SMITH, JAMES, ROWLETT & COHEN, L.L.P., by

         11        SETH R. COHEN, Esq.

         12        101 South Elm Street, Suite 310

         13        Post Office Box 990

         14        Greensboro, North Carolina  27402

         15        Appearing on behalf of the Defendants.

         16        (336) 274-2992


         18   ALSO PRESENT:

         19        Richard Moore

         20                      - - - - - - - -







          1                         I N D E X

          2   WITNESS               DIRECT  CROSS  REDIRECT  RECROSS

          3   RONALD FILER PRICE

          4     By Mr. Cohen           6         


          6                      - - - - - - - -


          8                      E X H I B I T S


         10   NUMBER                DESCRIPTION                PAGE

         11    1        Interrogatories dated July 27, 2007...    13

         12    2        Incident/Investigation Report dated

         13             11/06/2006............................    43

         14    3        Statement by Ron Price dated Thursday,

         15             November 9, 2006......................    46

         16    4        Misdemeanor Criminal Summons dated

         17             11/13/06..............................    53

         18    5        On-line article from Eden Daily News

         19             dated Wednesday, November 8, 2006.....    60

         20    6        Civil Summons issued to Richard Moore

         21             and Debra Moore dated 4/20/07, with

         22             complaint attached....................    73

         23                      - - - - - - - -

         24              Quoted material is verbatim and

         25            may/may not reflect a direct quote.


          1             The deposition of RONALD FILER PRICE was

          2   taken by the Defendants for the purpose of discovery

          3   and use as evidence in the above-entitled matter,

          4   wherein RONALD PRICE is the Plaintiff and RICHARD J.

          5   MOORE and Wife, DEBRA T. MOORE are the Defendants,

          6   pending before the State of North Carolina, General

          7   Court of Justice, Superior Court Division, pursuant to

          8   notice, before PAGE CHAMPION ROBERTS, CVR-CM,

          9   Certified Verbatim Reporter and Notary Public in and

         10   for the County of Guilford and State of North

         11   Carolina, on the 15th day of November 2007, at the Hux

         12   Law Offices, 703 Washington Street, Eden, North

         13   Carolina, commencing at 2:01 p.m.

         14                      - - - - - - - -













          1                        STIPULATION

          2             It is stipulated and agreed, by and between

          3   the parties hereto, that all questions are deemed

          4   objected to and that a motion to strike is made as to

          5   all answers, which objections and motions to strike

          6   may be ruled upon at an appropriate time by the Court,

          7   except that objections as to the form of the questions

          8   shall be lodged at the time the questions are

          9   propounded to the witness.

         10                      - - - - - - - -

















          1   Thereupon:

          2                   RONALD FILER PRICE

          3   was called as a witness pursuant to notice in the

          4   above-entitled cause and, being first duly affirmed in

          5   the manner provided by law, was examined and testified

          6   upon his affirmation as follows:

          7                    DIRECT EXAMINATION

          8   BY MR. COHEN:

          9        Q    Would you state your name, please.

         10        A    Ronald Filer Price.

         11        Q    And where do you currently live, Mr. Price?

         12        A    218 Cedar Run Drive, Reidsville.

         13        Q    And how long have you lived there?

         14        A    A little over two years.  We moved there two

         15   years ago July 4th.

         16        Q    Where did you move from?

         17        A    Orlando - well, Apopka, Florida.  We lived

         18   about five hundred feet across the border from

         19   Orlando.

         20        Q    And how long were you in Orlando?

         21        A    A little over fourteen years.

         22        Q    And before that?

         23        A    I was in Washington, Centreville, Virginia -

         24   northern Virginia.

         25        Q    How long were you there?


          1        A    I guess about approximately twenty-three

          2   years.

          3        Q    Is that where you were born?

          4        A    No.  I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

          5        Q    Where were you before Centreville, Virginia?

          6        A    I was in Maryland, and then we moved to

          7   Charlotte, North Carolina, and then I moved to

          8   Centreville.

          9        Q    Before that?

         10        A    Prior to Maryland, I was in Norfolk,

         11   Virginia.

         12        Q    Were you in the military at any time?

         13        A    No.

         14        Q    All right.

         15        A    I worked for the Navy Department.

         16        Q    Okay.  Well, go back.  Tell me from high

         17   school on what's your employment record.  Where were

         18   you employed?

         19        A    I worked for the Navy Department.

         20        Q    What did you do for them?

         21        A    I was an electronics technician.

         22        Q    You were a civilian?

         23        A    Yes.

         24        Q    All right.  Where was that?

         25        A    That was Portsmouth, Virginia.


          1        Q    Portsmouth.  Okay.  Go on.

          2        A    From there, I went to work for IBM.

          3        Q    Okay.

          4        A    And that was in Norfolk, Virginia.  And from

          5   there I went to Control Data Corporation.

          6        Q    Why did you leave IBM?

          7        A    Control Data had gotten the NASA contract in

          8   Langley, Virginia, and they needed people with IBM

          9   expertise, so they really hired me for the Langley

         10   NASA contract, but in the process they relocated me to

         11   Washington.

         12        Q    Okay.  And then before - after that?

         13        A    From Control Data I went to California

         14   Computer Products.

         15        Q    Okay.

         16        A    And then that company subsidiary was bought

         17   by the Braegan Corporation.  And then from Braegan, I

         18   went to AT and T.

         19        Q    Okay.  And from AT and T?

         20        A    That was - I retired from ATT in Florida.

         21        Q    Okay.  And what did you do for all these

         22   companies?  Did you do similar things?

         23        A    Well, I was an engineer for several of the

         24   companies at the beginning, and then they moved me

         25   into management in Washington, and I've been in


          1   management since.  First field manager, branch

          2   manager, district manager.

          3        Q    Okay.  What did you - when you retired, what

          4   was your position at AT and T?

          5        A    With AT and T, I was - I was, I guess, a

          6   technology manager.  I supported the Phoenix system,

          7   which was the internal provisioning system for AT

          8   and T.

          9        Q    When is your date of birth?

         10        A    6/27/1944.

         11        Q    Okay.  And then from Orlando how did you get

         12   to Reidsville?  Why did you choose Reidsville?

         13        A    Well, my children live here.  My daughter,

         14   when she was married in '89, moved here, and my son

         15   relocated here, I guess, in about 2000.

         16        Q    What's your educational experience past high

         17   school?

         18        A    Yes.

         19        Q    What?

         20        A    Old Dominion College, Control Data

         21   Corporation Institute.

         22        Q    What do you have your degree in, in Old

         23   Dominion?

         24        A    I don't have a degree.

         25        Q    You attended?


          1        A    Yes.

          2        Q    So you don't have an engineering degree

          3   anywhere?

          4        A    No.

          5        Q    All right.  And then have you taken courses

          6   at community colleges, things like that?

          7        A    Oh, yes.  Yeah.

          8        Q    Okay.

          9        A    And I have a real estate license - well, I

         10   had a real estate license in Virginia.

         11        Q    Are you working in Reidsville?

         12        A    Well, other than for the school board---

         13        Q    Yeah, I mean other than the school board.

         14        A    Right.

         15        Q    Any paying job in Reidsville?

         16        A    No.  When I first moved here, I had started

         17   with a company down in Florida that was marking

         18   pharmaceuticals, and my plan was to move here and

         19   continue marketing pharmaceuticals.  I got involved in

         20   the - in the school board race, got very, very

         21   involved, which kind of prohibited me.  I had to stop

         22   what I was doing as far as marketing of

         23   pharmaceuticals.  And then when I was elected, I mean

         24   it was kind of like hit the ground running because

         25   there were so many things going on with the school


          1   system.

          2        Q    Okay.  Had you run for political office

          3   before the school board in Rockingham County?

          4        A    No, huh-uh.

          5        Q    So you'd never run before?

          6        A    No.

          7        Q    How did you end up running?  What caused you

          8   to run for school board?

          9        A    Well, my daughter contacted me because she

         10   had heard from some friends that passed this

         11   legislation - or the commissioners had passed this

         12   regulation, or whatever, that they were going to have

         13   five at-large candidates on the school board, and they

         14   felt - she felt that they needed people with a good

         15   background.  I had some experience in education

         16   because I had taught school.  I was the president of

         17   the PTSA in northern Virginia for several years as

         18   well as other offices in the PTSA.

         19        Q    Where did you teach school?

         20        A    In Portsmouth, the Portsmouth Public School

         21   System.

         22        Q    You didn't need a college diploma?

         23        A    No.

         24        Q    Were you a substitute or a full-time

         25   teacher?


          1        A    Full-time.  I taught adult education.

          2        Q    Okay.  You taught adult education---

          3        A    Uh-huh.

          4        Q    ---not students?

          5        A    No.

          6        Q    Okay.  All right.  Have you ever been fired

          7   from any job?  Any of these jobs changes, were you

          8   ever terminated from a job?

          9        A    No.

         10        Q    You hesitated a little bit.  Were you

         11   downsized or something?

         12        A    Well, I guess when I left AT and T, that

         13   was - that was the primary reason.  They were

         14   downsizing.  I mean they went from - well, they bought

         15   a couple of companies that they paid $105 billion for

         16   and then they ended up selling them for a $35 billion

         17   loss, so they needed to - they were constantly

         18   downsizing.  When I started with AT and T, I was a

         19   data processing manager for IBM.  That's why I was

         20   hired, because of my IBM background and experience in

         21   IBM products.  Sometime - I forget exactly when, but

         22   after I moved to Florida, they went through a

         23   transition and they outsourced the IBM - services to

         24   IBM, and at that time I had a choice of going to IBM

         25   or staying with AT and T, and because I was - had been


          1   with IBM before, I said, well, you know, I'd prefer to

          2   stay with AT and T.  So they moved me into internet.

          3   I started working for AT and T labs on the internet

          4   functions.

          5        Q    All right.  Let me show you---

          6             MR. COHEN:  Would you mark this?

          7             THE COURT REPORTER:  Do you want to start

          8        with 1 again?

          9             MR. COHEN:  Yeah.

         10             THE COURT REPORTER:  This right here?

         11             MR. COHEN:  Yeah.

         12             (Thereupon, Deposition Exhibit Number 1 is

         13        marked for identification.)

         14        Q    I think these are a copy of your answers to

         15   our questions.  Do you want to flip through that?  Do

         16   you recognize that document?

         17        A    Yes.

         18        Q    And that's your signature on the last page?

         19        A    Yes.

         20        Q    And you cooperated with your attorney in

         21   answering these questions that I sent?

         22        A    Yes.

         23        Q    Do you want to take a minute---?  By the

         24   way, have you read these lately?

         25        A    No.


          1        Q    Do you want to take a minute and read these?

          2   I just want to ask you do you want to make any changes

          3   or anything in here is wrong.  Do you want to add

          4   anything or change anything?

          5             (Thereupon, the witness reviews the

          6        aforementioned document.)

          7        A    No.  It's okay.

          8        Q    Okay.  So the answers, as far - as you sit

          9   here, the answers are correct?

         10        A    Uh-huh.

         11        Q    And you have nothing to add or delete?

         12        A    (Witness shakes head negatively.)

         13        Q    You have to answer yes or no.

         14        A    Well - well, I'm not sure I understand that

         15   question about adding or deleting.

         16        Q    Well, as you've read the questions and the

         17   answers, is there additional information that you

         18   think answers a question that's not here, in other

         19   words?

         20        A    Not that - not that I'm aware of.

         21        Q    And did you review these before your

         22   attorney sent them to me?

         23        A    Yes.

         24        Q    All right.  And they're correct, as far as

         25   you know?


          1        A    Uh-huh.

          2        Q    All right.  If you'd look at question 1(a),

          3   it says the names, addresses of people with

          4   information regarding paragraphs 1 through 7 in the

          5   complaint, which is - paragraphs 1 through 7 is

          6   slander.  And you say the list of witnesses would

          7   certainly include the plaintiff, his wife, Celeste

          8   Depreist.  Who is Celeste Depreist?

          9        A    She is a school board member.

         10        Q    Okay.  What would - how would she be a

         11   witness?  What would she say?

         12        A    Oh, I can't answer for Ms. Depreist.

         13        Q    Well, she's listed here, is what I'm saying.

         14        A    Yeah.

         15        Q    I asked for people with information---  Let

         16   me back up.  I asked for people with information

         17   regarding these paragraphs.  Paragraph 1 through 7, if

         18   you want to review it, is the slander.

         19        A    Uh-huh.

         20        Q    And then you put down her name.

         21        A    Uh-huh.

         22        Q    So what would - what - why do you think she

         23   has information about this?

         24        A    Well, because she watched some of those TV

         25   programs.


          1        Q    Okay.  And Wayne Kirkman, who is that?

          2        A    He is a school board member.

          3        Q    And why would - what information would he

          4   have?

          5        A    For the same reason.

          6        Q    That he watched the TV programs?

          7        A    Uh-huh.

          8        Q    And Mark Childrey?

          9        A    Well, he was a participant in those

         10   programs.

         11        Q    Okay.  And Penny Owens?

         12        A    She was a - she as a candidate for the

         13   school board.  I believe that she watched those

         14   programs too.

         15        Q    Eric Smith?

         16        A    Uh-huh.

         17        Q    Same thing; he was a candidate and watched

         18   the programs?

         19        A    Yes.

         20        Q    And Chris Knight would be the same?

         21        A    Yes.

         22        Q    All right.  So all of these people are here

         23   because you believe that they - they watched the TV

         24   programs in which the statements on the next page were

         25   made?


          1        A    Uh-huh.

          2        Q    Is that right?

          3        A    Uh-huh.

          4        Q    You just have to say yes or no---

          5        A    Yes.  I'm sorry.

          6        Q    ---because she can't record the uh-huhs.

          7        A    Yes.

          8        Q    Okay.  Then let's see.  If you'll look at---

          9   One second.  If you'll look at question number 3,

         10   which is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, page 7.  It says question

         11   number 3 - question number 3 at the top of the page.

         12        A    Okay.

         13        Q    You got it?  And this says, "With regard to

         14   the allegations in the third cause of action, internet

         15   libel and slander."

         16        A    Uh-huh.

         17        Q    And, again, I asked for people who have

         18   information, and you said, plaintiff, plaintiff's

         19   wife, Eric Smith, Penny Owens, Chris Knight, and

         20   defendant Debbie Moore."  Why did - what kind of

         21   information did those folks have?

         22        A    Because they were participants.

         23        Q    Participants in---?

         24        A    In---  Well, let me see.

         25        Q    Okay.  This was on the claim that you were -


          1   there was libel on the internet, and I said give me

          2   the people that you think have information regarding

          3   this internet libel, and you said - I understand

          4   plaintiff, plaintiff's wife.  Eric Smith, for example;

          5   what information would Eric Smith have about the

          6   alleged libel on the internet?

          7        A    Having watched it.

          8        Q    Read the internet?

          9        A    Uh-huh.

         10        Q    All right.  And Penny Owens, would that be

         11   the same?

         12        A    Yes, uh-huh.

         13        Q    Chris Knight, the same?

         14        A    Uh-huh.

         15        Q    All right.

         16        A    Yes.  I'm sorry.

         17        Q    Okay.  That's fine.  And then---  Well,

         18   strike that.

         19             All right.  If you look at the next page,

         20   the very next page, question 4, slander on television,

         21   this has to do with those statements on the TV?

         22        A    Yes.

         23        Q    And you - and I asked, again, the names of

         24   the people, and you mentioned the same people as the

         25   first time, "Celeste Depreist, Wayne Kirkman, Mark


          1   Childrey, Penny Owens, Eric Smith, Chris Knight, and

          2   many other viewers"?

          3        A    Uh-huh.

          4        Q    So the information these folks have is that

          5   you believe they watched the TV show?

          6        A    Yes.

          7        Q    All right.  All right.  Go back to the date

          8   that these signs were removed from the side of the

          9   road.  What date was that?

         10             MR. MOORE:  November the 6th.

         11        Q    November 7 - no, 6.  November 6, 2006,

         12   right?

         13        A    Yes.

         14             MR. COHEN:  Okay.  By the way, your

         15        complaint has 2007, but I don't think you need to

         16        amend.

         17             MR. HUX:  Probably already admitted it.

         18             MR. COHEN:  Huh?

         19             MR. HUX:  You've probably already admitted

         20        it.

         21             MR. COHEN:  I've probably---  I just noticed

         22        it for the first time.  I assume you meant 2006,

         23        is that right?

         24             MR. HUX:  The date - the day date is

         25        correct, it is the 6th.


          1             MR. COHEN:  Yeah.  2006.  Okay.

          2        Q    November 6th, 2006, about what time - well,

          3   just describe your activities leading up to when you

          4   saw these signs on the side of the road, when you saw

          5   the Brad Miller signs.  What were you doing?

          6        A    I was on my way home from Eden.

          7        Q    Okay.  And what did - what happened as far

          8   as the signs?  Did you just see these signs on the -

          9   Brad Miller signs on the side of the road?

         10        A    Yes.  Well, it started, my wife and I were

         11   driving along and we were talking, and I noticed that

         12   there were Brad Miller signs up.

         13        Q    Where?

         14        A    Along the side of the road.

         15        Q    I mean, where specifically?  Do you remember

         16   the road or---?

         17        A    Well, it was Route 14.

         18        Q    Route 14.

         19        A    Because I live along Route 14.

         20        Q    And was it in front of the Teamsters Union?

         21   Is that where it was?  Do you know?

         22        A    No.  No.  It was---

         23        Q    It was not in front of the Teamsters Union?

         24        A    As we were passing Harrington Highway, we

         25   were proceeding down south on 14, and my wife and I


          1   were talking, and I was observing the road, and I was

          2   noticing that - I started to comment.  I said, "Well,

          3   you know, Mr. Miller has got his team out there

          4   putting signs out" because we hadn't seen the signs.

          5   There were very few signs out up until that time.

          6        Q    Okay.

          7        A    And we started seeing a lot of Mr. Miller's

          8   signs, and as we were driving along, I'm observing

          9   because, well, it just caught my attention because it

         10   hadn't been there before, and then as I'm going down

         11   the road, I'm noticing there were a lot of Robinson

         12   signs and they're gone.

         13        Q    Wait.  I'm sorry.  You noticed that there

         14   had been Robinson signs but then you no longer saw

         15   them?

         16        A    Well, we had seen the signs before---

         17        Q    Right

         18        A    ---along the road.

         19        Q    Robinson signs?

         20        A    Robinson signs, very - many, many Robinson

         21   signs, very few Miller signs.

         22        Q    Okay.

         23        A    Now all of a sudden, there were a lot of -

         24   well, this day, not suddenly, but this day there were

         25   a lot of Miller signs and there were no Robinson


          1   signs.

          2        Q    Let me ask you, had you - were you a Brad

          3   Miller supporter?

          4        A    No.

          5        Q    Were you a Vernon Robinson supporter?

          6        A    Yes, I was.

          7        Q    Were you active in his campaign?

          8        A    Yes, I was.

          9        Q    Okay.  I hate to - let's just take a sidebar

         10   and then we'll start back.  I should have stayed in

         11   order.  How were you involved in Robinson's campaign?

         12        A    Passing out literature, putting up signs,

         13   making donations.

         14        Q    Did you hold an office like county chair---

         15        A    No.

         16        Q    ---or anything like that?

         17        A    No.

         18        Q    This was a volunteer?

         19        A    Yes.

         20        Q    You weren't paid?

         21        A    No.

         22        Q    So you passed out literature, you put up

         23   signs, you made personal donations.  Did you ask

         24   people to give money?  Did you solicit?

         25        A    Yes.


          1        Q    And had you put up Robinson signs in the

          2   area in which you were driving?

          3        A    Yes.

          4        Q    All right.  So you knew for a fact that

          5   there had been Robinson signs because you were the one

          6   that had put them out?

          7        A    Not all of them, but---

          8        Q    But some of them?

          9        A    ---some of them.

         10        Q    All right.  So continue your story.  You're

         11   driving around, and you're seeing a lot of Miller

         12   signs?

         13        A    Uh-huh.

         14        Q    All right.  So then what happened?

         15        A    And, you know, then recognizing that there

         16   are no Robinson signs, and as we're continuing on, my

         17   wife's looking out the window because I'd just

         18   observed this and made a comment, and she's looking

         19   out the window, and she says, "Well, there - it looks

         20   like there are signs laying on the ground near the

         21   Miller signs."

         22        Q    Okay.

         23        A    So at this - at this point we passed a

         24   couple more, and she said, "Yeah, there are - there

         25   are signs laying there."  So the next Miller sign I


          1   came to, I pulled off to look.

          2        Q    Uh-huh.

          3        A    And there were - there was a Robinson sign

          4   within two feet of the Miller sign.

          5        Q    And where were you then?

          6        A    This was several miles down Route 14 from

          7   Harrington Highway.

          8        Q    And how many signs - how many Miller signs

          9   were up at that particular location where you pulled

         10   off?

         11        A    Just one.

         12        Q    Oh, just one?

         13        A    Yeah.

         14        Q    And how many Robinson signs were on the

         15   ground?

         16        A    Oh, there were none.  There was a Robinson

         17   sign laying on the ground.

         18        Q    That's what I mean.  So there was one Miller

         19   sign in the ground, and there was one Robinson sign

         20   laying on the ground?

         21        A    Right.

         22        Q    Prone on the ground?

         23        A    Right.

         24        Q    Do you recall whether you had put that

         25   Robinson sign up originally?


          1        A    No.  No, I do not.

          2        Q    So what did you do?

          3        A    Well, I suspected that this was the

          4   situation earlier on, so we turned around and went

          5   back and started the path again from Harrington

          6   Highway.

          7        Q    Okay.  And then what happened?

          8        A    There - and every place that we saw a Miller

          9   sign, there was a Robinson sign laying within two feet

         10   of the erected Miller sign.  Somebody had pulled it up

         11   and laid it on the ground.

         12        Q    And how many---?  Well, go back to the first

         13   one you stopped at.  You turn around.

         14        A    Uh-huh.

         15        Q    Where is your first stop then?

         16        A    After we turned around from Harrington

         17   Highway, probably within a couple hundred feet.

         18        Q    All right.  And you pulled over on the side

         19   of the road?

         20        A    Yes.

         21        Q    And how many Miller signs were at that

         22   location?

         23        A    There was one Miller sign and one Robinson

         24   sign on the ground.

         25        Q    And did you do anything?


          1        A    No.

          2        Q    You didn't remove the Miller sign?

          3        A    No.

          4        Q    Okay.  So then what did you do?

          5        A    So we proceeded on down to see if this was

          6   the case every place, and every place we saw a Miller

          7   sign, we pulled off and there was a Robinson sign

          8   laying on the ground.

          9        Q    Okay.

         10        A    So we continued this down the road a couple

         11   of miles, and I said - you know, I told my wife - I

         12   said, you know, "This is blatant, you know, sabotage,"

         13   as I would call it, and I said, "You know, if we leave

         14   these signs here, or we put the Robinson signs back

         15   up, somebody during the night is going to come and

         16   take them down again."

         17        Q    Okay.

         18        A    So I said, "To make it more difficult for

         19   these perpetrators to do this, I think I'm going to

         20   pull them up and take them over to the Department of

         21   Transportation."

         22        Q    Okay.  Why Department of Transportation?

         23        A    Well, because that's where the Highway

         24   Department was taking those signs that were illegally

         25   placed.


          1        Q    Okay.  And so at what point did you pull up

          2   a Brad Miller sign?

          3        A    Well, I turned around and went back to the

          4   beginning---

          5        Q    Right.

          6        A    ---and started it again.

          7        Q    And so you pulled up to the first---  So

          8   this is the second time you've gone back?

          9        A    Well, observed it the first time, turned

         10   around, went back and verified, and then went back and

         11   said---

         12        Q    Came back around again?

         13        A    ---take these - take these too.

         14        Q    All right.  And so you pulled over and you -

         15   what did you do?  Did you pull up the Brad Miller

         16   sign?

         17        A    Yes.

         18        Q    All right.  And what did you do with it?

         19        A    I put it in my trunk.

         20        Q    And what did you do with the Robinson sign?

         21        A    I put it back in the ground.

         22        Q    In the same location?

         23        A    Yes.

         24        Q    And you - tell me again why you took it to

         25   DOT?  Because---


          1        A    Because that's where - these were

          2   unauthorized.  When I went through financial training,

          3   they told us that signs placed on the right-of-way

          4   were not authorized.

          5        Q    Right.  So you took it, the Miller sign, to

          6   DOT because it had been illegally placed, is that

          7   right?

          8        A    Yes.

          9        Q    Why didn't you take the Robinson sign

         10   because it was now illegally placed?

         11        A    Because I was trying to prevent the

         12   perpetrator from doing that again.

         13        Q    Okay.  Let me just get this right.  In your

         14   view, the Brad Miller sign was illegally placed

         15   because it was on the right-of-way, correct?

         16        A    Uh-huh.  Well, both of them were illegally

         17   placed.

         18        Q    All right.  So the Miller sign that you

         19   pulled up was illegally placed, and the Robinson sign

         20   that you put in its place was now illegally placed?

         21        A    Yes.

         22        Q    So is it your view that Republican signs can

         23   be illegally placed, but Democratic signs cannot be

         24   illegally placed?

         25        A    No.


          1        Q    Well, shouldn't you have taken both signs to

          2   the DOT?

          3        A    What I did was not good sportsmanship.  I

          4   was trying to get a message across to the people who

          5   did this initially that, you know, what they had done

          6   was wrong.

          7        Q    Well, let me ask you this:  You said you had

          8   put some of those Robinson signs up initially

          9   yourself?

         10        A    Uh-huh.

         11        Q    So you initially put them in an illegal

         12   place.

         13        A    Uh-huh.

         14        Q    Then the Miller people put them in an

         15   illegal place, and then you put Robinson signs in an

         16   illegal place the second time.  So you started the

         17   illegal activity, is that right?

         18        A    Well, no.  I think it was a case of

         19   gentlemen's understanding.  You know, people put

         20   signs - if you go out during an election, you see

         21   signs all over the place.  You know, I got a notice

         22   from Eden that said, you know, "If you put signs in

         23   the right-of-way . . ."

         24        Q    Right.

         25        A    ". . . they're not authorized and we're


          1   going to pull them up."

          2        Q    So why did you put Robinson signs in an

          3   illegal right-of-way to begin with along Route 14?

          4        A    Well, I recognized that, you know, they

          5   would probably - they could possibly be pulled up.  A

          6   lot of the signs I put out were gone.  You know, they

          7   were taken down.  They were - they were taken by the

          8   Department of Transportation.  In this case, it was

          9   done by not the Department of Transportation, but by

         10   somebody who was supporting Brad Miller.

         11        Q    But those people, whoever they were, did not

         12   actually take the Robinson signs away; they just laid

         13   them on the ground, right?

         14        A    They moved them.

         15        Q    They moved them?

         16        A    I was moving them a little bit further.  I

         17   was going to take them over to the Department of

         18   Transportation so that the people would now have to

         19   come over there and get them.

         20        Q    Got you.  You didn't see anything wrong

         21   with - in your mind, you were taking them to DOT

         22   because they were illegally placed, the Miller signs?

         23        A    Uh-huh.

         24        Q    But you were putting Robinson signs in an

         25   illegal place.  It didn't strike you as you're being a


          1   little hypocritical there?

          2        A    No, because I figured that that night

          3   somebody was going to come along who was supporting

          4   Miller and they were going to take up the Robinson

          5   signs and they were - if they - if the Miller sign was

          6   there, they were going to put it back in the ground.

          7   Now this way they would have to go over to the

          8   Department of Transportation and get those signs.

          9        Q    So you were making it more difficult for

         10   them?

         11        A    Yes.

         12        Q    How many Miller signs did you pull up and

         13   replace with Robinson signs, total?

         14        A    Seven.

         15        Q    Is that all these was along Route 14?

         16        A    Oh, no.  There were dozens of them.

         17        Q    Okay.  Why did you stop at seven?

         18        A    As I was getting back in the car, a person,

         19   Mr. Gammon - Vernon Gammon, pulled up beside me in a

         20   hostile manner yelling threats, and at that point, you

         21   know, I just got in the car because I was not going to

         22   confront somebody in an outrage like that.  I got back

         23   in the car and I proceeded to drive down the street.

         24        Q    Did you know it was Vernon Gammon, or did

         25   you subsequently find out it was---?


          1        A    No, I knew it was Vernon Gammon.

          2        Q    You know Vernon?

          3        A    Yes.

          4        Q    What did he say to you?

          5        A    He was yelling out the window.  He says,

          6   "You're - you're breaking the law.  You're breaking a

          7   federal law.  You're going to jail," and he - you

          8   know, these type of threats.

          9        Q    Okay.

         10        A    Not knowing his personality in detail, I did

         11   not want to get confronted by somebody on the highway.

         12   You know, as far as I was concerned, that was a

         13   vigilante activity.

         14        Q    Okay.  So your testimony is, you would agree

         15   with me that---  Well, let me back up.  You didn't own

         16   the Brad Miller signs, is that right?

         17        A    That's correct.

         18        Q    And you didn't have permission from Brad

         19   Miller or someone in his campaign to remove the signs

         20   and take them away, did you?

         21        A    No.

         22        Q    So you removed property which belonged to

         23   another without their permission, placed them in your

         24   trunk, and you were going to transport them to another

         25   place, is that correct?


          1        A    That's correct.

          2        Q    Okay.  Put lawyer stuff aside.  Put state

          3   statutes aside.  Layman's common sense, you stole the

          4   signs, right?

          5        A    No.

          6        Q    All right.  Let me back up.  If I were to

          7   define the word "steal" as taking property of another

          8   without that person's permission---  Just grant me

          9   that.  Maybe I'm wrong.  I'm just - for the purposes

         10   of this deposition, if the definition of "steal" is

         11   taking property of another without that person's

         12   permission and removing that property to another

         13   location, then you stole the signs?

         14        A    Well, at this point the person had put that

         15   property on public right-of-way, and it was - they had

         16   given up ownership of it.

         17        Q    They were no longer Brad Miller signs?

         18        A    They were Brad Miller signs.

         19        Q    Right.  And he still owned the signs?

         20        A    Did he?

         21        Q    Well, I'm asking you.

         22        A    I don't think he did.

         23        Q    All right.  So your testimony is - I just

         24   want to understand it - your testimony is, if Brad

         25   Miller owns a sign and someone on his behalf puts the


          1   sign in a place it doesn't belong, that Brad Miller

          2   has lost ownership of the sign?  Is that what you're

          3   saying?

          4        A    I think that was the case.  You know, I

          5   expected that when I put my signs out.  I expected

          6   that when I put Robinson signs out.  What I did not

          7   expect to see was blatant - blatantly somebody taking

          8   signs that belong to another candidate under the guise

          9   that - okay - we're operating within the law to pull

         10   these signs up and lay them on the ground and put our

         11   signs in their place.

         12        Q    What was your understanding DOT was going to

         13   do with those signs that you - the Miller signs you

         14   were going to take to DOT?  Were they going to destroy

         15   those signs?

         16        A    No.

         17        Q    What were they going to do with them?

         18        A    Well I was going to call the Democrats---

         19        Q    Sure.

         20        A    ---and let them know the signs had been

         21   moved to DOT.

         22        Q    So Brad Miller's people could go retrieve

         23   them, right?

         24        A    Yes, uh-huh.

         25        Q    Because they were his signs, right?


          1        A    They had his name on it, so---

          2        Q    Right.  But if they weren't his property

          3   anymore, why would you call him and tell him to come

          4   pick it up?

          5        A    So that they could put their signs back out.

          6        Q    I know, but you just testified, I think -

          7   and if I'm wrong, she'll reread it - that once he put

          8   them in a right-of-way where they didn't belong, he

          9   gave up ownership interest in the signs; therefore,

         10   the signs do not belong to him.  So why, then, would

         11   you call his people to pick up something that doesn't

         12   belong to him?

         13        A    So that they could put the signs back out.

         14        Q    Okay.  We're going around in circles.  But

         15   your testimony is, Brad Miller didn't own the Brad

         16   Miller signs because someone had put them in a

         17   right-of-way.  Is that - is that what you're saying?

         18        A    Yes.  When he put them out on the public

         19   right-of-way, I think it becomes open season, so to

         20   speak.

         21        Q    For anybody to take them?

         22        A    Uh-huh.  And that apparently, you know, is

         23   what happened with the Robinson signs and other signs,

         24   you know.

         25        Q    Well, the Robinson signs weren't taken away,


          1   were they?

          2        A    No.

          3        Q    They were on the ground?

          4        A    Well, I don't know.

          5        Q    You don't know.  The ones you saw were on

          6   the ground; they were not taken away?

          7        A    That's correct.  That's correct.

          8        Q    So is it your belief that if a sign is in

          9   the right-of-way, that any citizen can simply take the

         10   sign home and keep it?

         11        A    No, because I think that would be stealing

         12   it.  Take it home and keep it?

         13        Q    Right.

         14        A    No.  It was not my intention to keep the

         15   sign.

         16        Q    So if you take it home and keep it, that's

         17   wrong, but if you take it to the DOT, that's okay?

         18        A    Yes.

         19        Q    But let me back up again.  If they - if you

         20   put the sign in an illegal right-of-way, you've

         21   testified that campaign - we're talking about Brad

         22   Miller - no longer had - no longer had an ownership

         23   interest in the sign.  That's what you've testified.

         24   If they no longer own the sign, it's not theirs, then

         25   - and you say it's open season - that was your term -


          1   why can't I pick up the sign, put it in my trunk, take

          2   it home and keep it because it now belongs to no one?

          3   Why can't I?

          4        A    Well, I suppose you could.

          5        Q    All right.  So there's nothing wrong, then,

          6   for any citizen who sees a sign in a right-of-way for

          7   any candidate to pluck up the sign, put it in the

          8   trunk of their car, take it home and keep it, is that

          9   right?

         10        A    No.  To take it home and keep it?  As I

         11   said, you know, it was - I think you're saying that I

         12   was planning to take it home and keep it.

         13        Q    No.  No, no, no, no.  Forget you.

         14        A    Uh-huh.

         15        Q    I'm driving along the road.  I see one of

         16   your signs, a Ron - I see seventeen - I see seven Ron

         17   Price signs on a public right-of-way the night before

         18   the election.

         19        A    Uh-huh.

         20        Q    Do I have the right to pick up those signs,

         21   put them in my trunk, take them home and keep them?

         22   Do I have that right?  Well, is it stealing?  Would

         23   that be stealing?  Let me start all over.  I'm

         24   rambling.

         25             The night before the election, I see seven


          1   "Ron Price School Board" signs on the public

          2   right-of-way.

          3        A    Uh-huh.

          4        Q    Is it stealing for me to pull up those

          5   signs, put them in the trunk of my car, take them

          6   home, put them on my wall, and keep them?

          7        A    Yes, I would say so.

          8        Q    Okay.  But you've testified that you no

          9   longer would own those signs if they're in the public

         10   right-of-way?

         11        A    That's correct.

         12        Q    So if you don't own the signs and no one

         13   owns the signs, why can't I pick them up and keep

         14   them?  Why is that wrong?  They're not yours anymore.

         15        A    Well, I don't know that that's ever been

         16   tested.

         17        Q    Well, I'm just asking you because that's

         18   your testimony.  Your testimony is once you put your

         19   signs in an illegal - in a right-of-way, you no longer

         20   own the signs.

         21        A    Yes.

         22        Q    If you don't own the signs, then why can't I

         23   take them and put them in my car and take them home?

         24   Why have I stolen them?  Who have I stolen them from

         25   if you don't own them?


          1        A    Well, when I put them out there in the

          2   right-of-way, I think I'm making them fair game for

          3   somebody, and if somebody does that, you know, I'm not

          4   going to be the one to go out there and try and

          5   prosecute them.

          6        Q    Well, my question is, would I be stealing

          7   the signs?  If I took your signs off the right-of-way,

          8   put them in my trunk the night before the election and

          9   took them home, have I stolen the signs?

         10        A    No.

         11        Q    I have not.  Okay.  Now it's not.  Okay.

         12   And all this is based on the fact that they're in the

         13   illegal right-of-way?

         14        A    That's correct.

         15        Q    So if someone had come behind you, picked up

         16   the Vernon Robinson signs, taken them home, that would

         17   have been okay?

         18        A    Well, there would have been no way to

         19   prevent it, but that's what I was expecting.  You

         20   know, somebody's going to come behind me tonight in

         21   the middle of the night because they're going to

         22   operate undercover, where nobody's going to see them,

         23   and they're going to take those signs, and that's

         24   going to be the end of it.

         25        Q    Okay.  All right.  Now so you pick them up.


          1   You put them in the trunk.  Vernon comes to you.  You

          2   leave.  Now what happens?

          3        A    Well, he bird-dogged me down 14.

          4        Q    What do you mean by bird-dogged?

          5        A    Well, I mean he stayed right with me.  If I

          6   speeded up, slowed down, changed lanes, he was right

          7   there.

          8        Q    Okay.  And so what did you do?

          9        A    Well, we got down to Scales Street where it

         10   enters 14, and Mr. Gammon gets in the left-hand lane,

         11   and I'm in the right-hand lane because I was going to

         12   turn there.  There was traffic barring him, and I said

         13   to myself, you know, the way he has bird-dogged me

         14   down this road, he has now by fault gotten in a

         15   left-hand lane.  So I made a right-hand turn onto

         16   Scales Street, and as I'm driving down Scales Street,

         17   I'm looking in the mirror because I figure he's handed

         18   this off to somebody else to tail me, and he had.  So

         19   I made several turns through the neighborhood, and

         20   this vehicle followed me.

         21        Q    Okay.

         22        A    So at that point I proceeded to the

         23   Reidsville Police Station.

         24        Q    Why did you go to the Reidsville Police

         25   Station?


          1        A    Well, because I was concerned about the

          2   welfare of myself and my wife by whoever this person

          3   was, as was demonstrated by the - the hostile nature

          4   that Mr. Gammon had illustrated along 14.

          5        Q    Where was the DOT location you say you were

          6   taking them to originally?

          7        A    It was in Wentworth.

          8        Q    How far was Wentworth from where you were?

          9        A    Probably ten, twelve miles.

         10        Q    What time of the day was this?

         11        A    This was around five o'clock.

         12        Q    Did you think someone would be at the DOT

         13   location?

         14        A    I figured they would be open.

         15        Q    Did you get a call from Sheriff Page while

         16   you were driving?

         17        A    Not while I was driving.  He called my home.

         18   When I - when I got home, there was a message on the

         19   answering machine that he had called and wanted me to

         20   return the call.

         21        Q    There's a newspaper article written by Brian

         22   Ewing in the Eden paper November 8th.  It says, "Price

         23   said Sheriff Sam Page called him about the signs and

         24   told him to bring them to his office.  Instead, Price

         25   says he drove to the Reidsville Police Department."


          1   Is that not right?

          2        A    No.

          3        Q    They got that wrong?

          4        A    That's incorrect, yes.

          5        Q    Did you - so you took them to the police

          6   station?  That was your idea?

          7        A    I went to the police station because I was

          8   being followed.

          9        Q    Okay.  And what happened when you got to the

         10   police station?

         11        A    The person who was following me came over

         12   and made a complaint with the police officer.

         13        Q    Who was that person?  Do you remember?

         14        A    He was - I don't know for a fact, but it's

         15   based on the things I've read and the comments, it was

         16   a man by the name of Kennedy.

         17        Q    And what happened then?

         18        A    Well, the police asked me if, you know, I

         19   knew anything about these signs, and I said I did.

         20   Asked me if they could look in my trunk, and I said

         21   yes.  I opened the trunk.

         22        Q    And then what happened?

         23        A    Well, they found a number of signs.

         24        Q    Okay.  And what did they do?  What did the

         25   police do?


          1        A    Well, they wanted to keep the signs.  They

          2   wanted to keep the Miller signs.  I had many signs in

          3   the---

          4        Q    Right.

          5        A    ---in the trunk, but---

          6        Q    Did they keep the Miller signs?

          7        A    Yes, they did.

          8        Q    Did they fill out an incident report?

          9        A    Yes.

         10             MR. COHEN:  Will you mark that.  You want a

         11        copy?  You got it?

         12             (Thereupon, Deposition Exhibit Number 2 is

         13        marked for identification.)

         14        Q    Is that the - Exhibit B, is that the---

         15             THE COURT REPORTER:  Two.

         16        Q    Two.  Is that the incident report?

         17        A    This is the - the first page is the only

         18   thing I've seen.

         19        Q    Okay.  Why don't you read that and see if

         20   it's correct.  I think RO means reporting officer.

         21        A    Uh-huh.  (Witness complies with request.)

         22   Uh-huh.

         23        Q    Okay.  Is there anything---?  You've read

         24   what's on page 2 of Exhibit 2.  Is there anything

         25   inaccurate in what the police officer wrote?


          1        A    No.

          2        Q    Okay.  And if you'll look at the first page,

          3   "Reidsville Police Department," "Crime:  Larceny of

          4   election signs," and then further down it says,

          5   "Suspect stole signs from side of road."  Do you see

          6   that?

          7        A    Yes.

          8        Q    Okay.  Did you sue the Reidsville Police

          9   Department?

         10        A    No.

         11        Q    Why not?

         12        A    Because I didn't have anything to sue them

         13   over.

         14        Q    They said you stole the signs in a public

         15   report.  Anybody can go get this report.  It says,

         16   "Suspect stole signs from side of the road."

         17        A    Well---

         18        Q    Richard Moore said you stole signs from the

         19   side of the road.  Why did you sue Richard and not the

         20   Reidsville Police Department?

         21        A    This was an incident report based on

         22   somebody else's statement.  You know, they - when they

         23   first - I don't know whether I've seen this.  It looks

         24   like - but the incident that was reported, I

         25   understood that the incident that was reported was


          1   from Mr. Kennedy---

          2        Q    Okay.

          3        A    ---who reported larceny of signs.

          4        Q    Got you.  Did you sue Mr. Kennedy?

          5        A    No.

          6        Q    Have you sued Vernon Gammon?

          7        A    No.

          8        Q    Have you sued Chris Knight?

          9        A    No.

         10        Q    Go ahead.

         11        A    None of these other people that you've

         12   mentioned have raised such an outrageous commotion

         13   about this.

         14        Q    So is it - does it make a difference to you

         15   how many times someone says you've stolen a sign

         16   before you decide to sue them?  Does that fact - did

         17   that factor in your calculation to sue Richard but not

         18   Kennedy, Vernon, or Chris Knight?

         19        A    Well, I don't know that Vernon ever said

         20   that.

         21        Q    Okay.  Well, Chris Knight sat right here.

         22   He said it.  And we know Rick Kennedy has said it.

         23   They - let's say they said it twice, or whatever, and

         24   Richard has said it fifteen times.  I haven't added

         25   them up.  Did the fact that Richard has said it more


          1   than one time cause you to sue Richard but not to sue

          2   the others who have said it less times?

          3        A    I think that was probable.

          4        Q    That was part of it?

          5        A    And that he said it so many different ways

          6   in so many different media and so many times.

          7        Q    Uh-huh.  So it's not what he said; it's how

          8   much he said it?  Was that the tipping point in your

          9   decision to file the lawsuit against him?

         10        A    (Witness nods head affirmatively.)

         11        Q    Is that - is that yes?

         12        A    Yes.

         13        Q    All right.  Do you have a web site?

         14        A    Do I have a web site?

         15        Q    Uh-huh.

         16        A    I have a blog site.

         17        Q    A blog site.  I'm sorry.  I'm not as

         18   computer literate as you.  Let me show you what's been

         19   marked as 3.

         20             MR. COHEN:  Have you got this?

         21             MR. HUX:  Uh-huh.

         22             (Thereupon, Deposition Exhibit Number 3 is

         23        marked for identification.)

         24        Q    It's a posting Thursday, November 9, 2006,

         25   "Sign Incident."  Would you read that.


          1        A    (Witness complies with request.)  Yes.

          2        Q    Did you post that at five forty-one on your

          3   blog site?

          4        A    Yes.

          5        Q    A.m. on November---  You did?

          6        A    Uh-huh.

          7        Q    And it says, "On the eve of the elections, I

          8   came across a wrong that had been committed.  Signs

          9   that I had put up were taken down and others put in

         10   their place."  So you're saying that you had

         11   originally put up the Robinson signs?

         12        A    Well, some of them, yeah.

         13        Q    Some of them at least.  All right.  And you

         14   said, "I tried to correct it by committing another

         15   wrong, removing the signs that had been put in the

         16   place of my signs."

         17        A    Uh-huh.

         18        Q    Do you still agree with that statement?

         19        A    Yes.

         20        Q    "Two wrongs do not make a right"; do you

         21   agree with that statement?

         22        A    That's correct.

         23        Q    "For my actions, I am truly sorry and

         24   apologize to Congressman Miller, the Democratic Party,

         25   and the citizens of Rockingham County."  Do you still


          1   apologize?

          2        A    Yes.

          3        Q    "I know that neither Mr. Robinson nor

          4   Mr. Miller condone or support this type of action

          5   taken on their behalf by their supporters."  Do you

          6   still agree with that?

          7        A    Yes.

          8        Q    "I thank Congressman Miller for not pressing

          9   charges and making an even bigger issue of the

         10   incident than it has already become."  Is that -

         11   that's what it says?

         12        A    Uh-huh.

         13        Q    Do you believe Congressman Miller had the

         14   right to press charges?  I'm not talking about

         15   Richard.  Do you believe Congressman Miller had the

         16   right to press charges?

         17        A    He may have.  I don't know.  He could

         18   certainly press charges.  I don't know how it would

         19   come out in the court.  Mr. Moore pressed charges---

         20        Q    Well, Mrs. Moore.  Mrs. Moore.

         21        A    Mrs. Moore---

         22        Q    Yeah.

         23        A    ---pressed charges, and it was dismissed.

         24        Q    By the district attorney?

         25        A    Uh-huh.


          1        A    Okay.  You said, "I cannot speak on behalf

          2   of the others, but my actions were not in accord with

          3   the Judeo-Christian values that I share so much.  I

          4   apologize to those who elected me, and I pledge to

          5   serve you better as a member of the Rockingham County

          6   Board of Education."  But your contention is, you

          7   didn't steal the signs?

          8        A    That's correct.

          9        Q    What wrong did you commit?

         10        A    Unsportsman behavior.  I view that as dirty

         11   politics.  I came across somebody who had done dirty

         12   politics, and I responded, which - in a - in a similar

         13   manner, which I did not condone.

         14        Q    Okay.  But you actually talk in here about

         15   thanking Mr. Miller for not pressing charges?

         16        A    Uh-huh.

         17        Q    You're talking about criminal charges,

         18   right?

         19        A    Well, whatever charges - I mean whatever

         20   charges he might have been inclined to bring forth.

         21        Q    Like the ones that Mrs. Richards---

         22             MR. MOORE:  Moore.

         23        A    Mrs. Moore.

         24        Q    Mrs. Moore.  Like the charges Mrs. Moore

         25   filed?  That's the kind of charge you're talking


          1   about, right?

          2        A    Yes.

          3        Q    So you were concerned at this point about

          4   someone filing criminal charges against you, is that

          5   right?

          6        A    Well, that's always a possibility.  I mean

          7   in this situation, I didn't think it was - I did not

          8   think it was warranted.  I appreciated the fact that

          9   he did what I felt was right.

         10        Q    Why didn't Mrs. Moore have the right to file

         11   charges against you?  Why, in your view?  Well, let me

         12   back up.

         13             Do you think she had the right - whether you

         14   were convicted or not, do you think as a citizen and

         15   taxpayer of Rockingham County that she had the right

         16   to go to a magistrate, present him with the police

         17   report and the statute, and ask him whether or not

         18   there's probable cause?  Did she have that right as a

         19   citizen to do that?

         20        A    I don't know whether I'd call it a right.  I

         21   think she - she did it.  She obviously---

         22        Q    Okay.  She did it.

         23        A    Yeah.

         24        Q    Well, my question to you, as a public

         25   servant and as an American and as a citizen of


          1   Rockingham County, is, do you think---?  Let me state

          2   it differently.  Was it illegal for her, Mrs. Moore,

          3   to go to the magistrate and ask the magistrate to

          4   review evidence and the magistrate make an independent

          5   determination as to whether to issue a warrant?  Was

          6   that illegal for her to do?

          7        A    I don't feel I'm qualified to answer that.

          8   Based on the people who are in authority who made that

          9   decision, it wasn't.

         10        Q    Right.  Wouldn't you agree with me that all

         11   citizens of the county have a right to at least---?

         12   Not to take out the charges themselves.  I'm not

         13   talking about that.  If you're a citizen of Rockingham

         14   County, don't you have the right to go to a Rockingham

         15   County magistrate and simply ask and say, "Here are

         16   the facts as I know them to be . . ."

         17        A    Uh-huh.

         18        Q    ". . . and I'm asking you, as a judicial

         19   officer, to make an independent determination whether

         20   there's probable cause a crime has been committed"?

         21             You have to agree with me, I would assume,

         22   that a citizen of Rockingham County has that right, as

         23   a citizen, to go to the magistrate, don't they?

         24        A    The way I understand it is that in North

         25   Carolina---


          1        Q    Yes.

          2        A    ---they do have that right---

          3        Q    Thank you.

          4        A    ---without first being reviewed by the

          5   district attorney.

          6        Q    Correct.  You're absolutely right.  They do

          7   have that right.  And you were here when Mrs. Moore

          8   testified that she took to the magistrate the police

          9   report and a copy of the statute.  Did you hear her

         10   say that?

         11        A    Yes.

         12        Q    All right.  And I asked her, "Did you say

         13   anything else?" and she answered, "No."  Did you hear

         14   that?

         15        A    (No response from witness.)

         16        Q    You have to answer yes or no.

         17        A    Yes.

         18        Q    Do you have any evidence, as you sit here

         19   today, that she is not telling the truth when she

         20   answered those two questions?

         21        A    No.

         22        Q    And the magistrate did indeed issue the

         23   warrant, is that correct?

         24        A    Yes.

         25        Q    Okay.


          1             MR. COHEN:  Do you have the warrant?

          2             MR. HUX:  I've got the original.

          3             (Thereupon, Deposition Exhibit Number 4 is

          4        marked for identification.)

          5        Q    Take a look at 4.  Is that the warrant that

          6   you were served with?

          7        A    Yes, it looks similar.

          8        Q    And it says at the top, "I understand" - "I,

          9   the undersigned -" excuse me - "I, the undersigned,

         10   find that there is probable cause to believe that on

         11   or about the day of offense shown and in the county

         12   named above, you unlawfully and willfully did," and

         13   then that's typed, and then written in here "pull up

         14   and remove advertisement signs for Brad Miller's

         15   election on property that the defendant did not

         16   possess, in violation of N.C.G.S. section 14-384."

         17   And it's signed - there's a signature, and it's

         18   checked under "Magistrate," and it's Wentworth

         19   District.  Is that what it says?

         20        A    Uh-huh, yes.

         21        Q    And it says Debra Moore is the complainant,

         22   is that right?

         23        A    That's correct.

         24        Q    And as we said, Debra Moore said she

         25   presented the magistrate with this police report and


          1   the statute, and you've just sat here and said you

          2   have no evidence that that's not true, yet you have

          3   filed a lawsuit against her for malicious prosecution?

          4        A    Uh-huh.

          5        Q    In order to succeed, you have to show there

          6   wasn't probable cause to believe that you committed

          7   this crime.  I'm sure your lawyer has told you that.

          8   Given what we have just discussed, why did you - why

          9   did you charge her with malicious prosecution?

         10        A    Because I felt it was malicious.

         11        Q    Do you believe there was probable cause to

         12   believe not that you did it---  Now this is - I just

         13   want to be - I'm not trying to trick you.

         14        A    Uh-huh.

         15        Q    I'm not asking you whether you did or did

         16   not violate the law.  What I'm asking you is, you

         17   would agree with me, wouldn't you, that there was

         18   probable cause to believe that you had broken this law

         19   and that now it would be up to a judge or a jury to

         20   make that final determination?  You would agree with

         21   me on that, wouldn't you?

         22        A    Well, I think - I believe that she made the

         23   statement, and the reason it was dismissed is because

         24   she had no nexus in the case.  She was not affected by

         25   this.  She did not have any direct impact.  So what -


          1   that's what makes me believe that it was malicious.

          2        Q    Well, I understand that that's what the

          3   district attorney advised her, and I understand the

          4   district attorney took a voluntary dismissal, which

          5   means the case can come back because it was dismissal

          6   with leave.  But my question is, wouldn't you have to

          7   agree with me that when she went to the magistrate and

          8   she had this police report, that she had probable

          9   cause to believe that you had broken this law 14-384,

         10   and that now a judge and jury would decide?  You have

         11   to agree with that, wouldn't you?

         12        A    Well, I look at all of the incidents that

         13   occur in this county, and they say, well, you know,

         14   there are certainly a lot more egregious laws that

         15   have been gone against, so, you know, I guess my

         16   question is, why is she not out there doing this to

         17   all of them?  She picked - she picked me, I believe,

         18   because she had something to gain by it.  Her husband,

         19   who had run for office, was the next person in line.

         20        Q    Uh-huh.

         21        A    And if I stepped down or this became a real

         22   problem for me, then, you know, her husband would step

         23   into that position.

         24        Q    Well, we'll talk about that in a minute, but

         25   that really wasn't my question.  I mean you don't have


          1   to take out a warrant for everybody that you think has

          2   done something wrong.  My question is, would you -

          3   would you agree with me that based on this police

          4   report and this statute, that Mrs. Moore, Debra Moore,

          5   had probable cause to believe you had committed this

          6   crime and that it was now up to the system, and the

          7   system eventually decided, the DA, to dismiss it?  But

          8   would you agree with me that she had probable cause to

          9   go to the magistrate and have him to review this

         10   evidence?

         11             MR. HUX:  I think he's answered that.

         12             MR. COHEN:  No, he really hasn't.  I kind of

         13        want a yes or no on that one.

         14        A    No.

         15        Q    She did not have probable cause to believe

         16   that?

         17        A    No.

         18        Q    All right.  But the magistrate said he found

         19   probable cause, didn't he?  Is that what it says?

         20        A    Yes.

         21        Q    All right.  Did you sue the magistrate for

         22   malicious prosecution?

         23        A    No.

         24        Q    All right.  Now do you believe, had you

         25   stepped down, that Richard would have automatically


          1   gotten the position on the school board?

          2        A    From my perspective, I think it would have

          3   been dependent upon when I stepped down.  If I had

          4   stepped down before the 11th, before I was sworn in,

          5   then he would have been the person to say, "I'm it,"

          6   you know, "I'm next in line."

          7        Q    Wouldn't it have been up to the County

          8   Commissioners to choose?

          9        A    I don't believe so, not at that point.  Once

         10   I was sworn in, if I stepped down, then the school

         11   board would have had to.

         12        Q    All right.  And when were you sworn in?

         13        A    The 11th of December.

         14        Q    When was this issued?  What's the date on

         15   this?

         16        A    The 13th---

         17        Q    Right.

         18        A    ---of November.

         19        Q    Right.  So that couldn't be right.  This is

         20   two days afterwards.

         21             MR. HUX:  It's a month earlier.

         22             MR. COHEN:  Whoops.  Sorry.  It's what?

         23             MR. HUX:  A month earlier.

         24             MR. COHEN:  What's a month earlier?

         25             THE WITNESS:  When this was sworn out.


          1             MR. COHEN:  This is November 13th.

          2             THE WITNESS:  Right.

          3             MR. HUX:  He was sworn in December the 11th.

          4             MR. COHEN:  Oh, December the 11th.

          5        Q    You were sworn in December the 11th?

          6        A    Uh-huh.

          7        Q    And you believe, had you stepped down, he

          8   automatically would have gotten it?

          9        A    Yes.

         10        Q    Based on what?

         11        A    Based on number of votes he had.

         12        Q    I know, but what are you basing the fact on

         13   that there wouldn't have been another election or the

         14   Commissioners wouldn't have had to---?

         15        A    Well, because the person hadn't been sworn

         16   in.  If I - if I stepped down after I was sworn in,

         17   then I would have already been in the position.

         18        Q    I understand---

         19        A    That's my understanding.

         20        Q    I understand.  Where did you get that

         21   understanding?  Did someone tell you that, or is that

         22   just your assumption that the next person in line

         23   would---?

         24        A    Based on the things that I've read.

         25        Q    Okay.  Can you tell me what you've read,


          1   because I need to know?

          2        A    Oh, I don't recall everything I've read and

          3   where I've read it, but it - we've been through - I've

          4   been, you know, through a lot of documentation on this

          5   addition of the five at-large candidates, and I -

          6   based on the information I read in that material, I

          7   believe that he would have been able to ask to have

          8   that position because the position had not been filled

          9   yet.

         10        Q    Okay.  But you can't tell me where you read

         11   that?

         12        A    No.

         13        Q    All right.  I---  I'm sorry.

         14        A    Because he would have been the next highest

         15   candidate.  It would have - it would have, you know,

         16   stepped down in order.

         17        Q    Or there could have been a special election

         18   to fill the ones---?

         19        A    Oh, there could have been, yes.

         20        Q    Right.  So how do you know that wouldn't

         21   have happened, is what I'm asking you.

         22        A    Well, I don't.  You know, I'm saying based

         23   on what I've read and what I can remember, I believe

         24   that that was the case.

         25        Q    All right.  But you don't know, because I -


          1   because I haven't read that---

          2        A    Yeah.

          3        Q    ---and I'd like to know that.

          4        A    Uh-huh.

          5        Q    But you can't help me out with where you

          6   read that?

          7        A    No.

          8        Q    All right.

          9        A    I think we'd have to go back to the law as

         10   it was passed by the legislature in adding these

         11   additional positions to the county school board.

         12        Q    And it's quite possible there would have had

         13   to have been - do you agree with me that it's quite

         14   possible there would have had to have been a special

         15   election in which Richard Moore and everybody else

         16   could have run to fill it?

         17        A    It's possible, sure.

         18             MR. COHEN:  All right.  Mark that.

         19             (Thereupon, Deposition Exhibit Number 5 is

         20        marked for identification.)

         21        Q    Have you seen that newspaper article?

         22        A    Yes.

         23        Q    Okay.  I asked you earlier.  Did you say the

         24   statement in here is incorrect?  It says, "Gammon

         25   reported the incident to the sheriff's office.  Price


          1   said Sheriff Sam Page called him about the signs and

          2   told him to bring them to his office.  Instead, Price

          3   said he drove to the Reidsville Police Department,

          4   where an officer searched his car and found the stolen

          5   Miller signs."  Are you saying that's incorrect?

          6        A    Where are you reading this?

          7        Q    Fourth paragraph from the bottom, "Gammon

          8   reported."

          9        A    Okay.  Are we on the same sheet?  I think

         10   that's different format.  I see the---

         11        Q    Oh.  Oh, I see.

         12        A    I see the paragraph.

         13        Q    The last paragraph, yeah.

         14        A    I see the paragraph you're talking about.

         15        Q    Uh-huh.

         16        A    That's correct.  That's an error.

         17        Q    That's an error.  Okay.  During a campaign,

         18   do people ask to put signs in their yards?  When you

         19   ran, did people want to put signs in their yards for

         20   you?

         21        A    For me to put---?  Yes.

         22        Q    And did you give them a sign to put in their

         23   yards?

         24        A    Yes, I did.

         25        Q    Do any of those people keep the signs later


          1   as a souvenir?

          2        A    The ones that I can recall that I gave them

          3   to gave them back to me.

          4        Q    You don't know of anybody who kept one?

          5        A    No.  Well, everybody that I gave them too

          6   asked me if I wanted the signs back, and I said yes, I

          7   did.

          8        Q    Okay.  If someone said, "Do you mind if I

          9   keep the sign," would you let someone keep one of your

         10   signs?

         11        A    Well, I would want to know why because, you

         12   know, they cost me a lot of money, so, you know, if I

         13   should choose to run again at the end of my term, I

         14   would use those signs.  So, you know, if I bought more

         15   signs, these would just add to them or I would use

         16   these signs.

         17        Q    Do you have any evidence to contradict what

         18   Richard Moore testified to, that someone gave him one

         19   of your signs?

         20        A    No.

         21        Q    All right.  If that were true and someone

         22   gave him one of your signs, is that the same, in your

         23   view, as you pulling up the Brad Miller signs, or is

         24   it a different situation, same situation?

         25        A    I think it's probably the same situation,


          1   similar situation.

          2        Q    So you pulling up Brad Miller's signs from

          3   the side of the road the night before the election is

          4   the same as someone giving Richard Miller one of your

          5   signs after the election is over, in your view?

          6        A    Yes.

          7        Q    How is it the same?

          8        A    Well, because he's got a sign that belongs

          9   to somebody else or was in the possession of somebody

         10   else.

         11        Q    Uh-huh.  But I mean if someone gave - if

         12   he's - according to his testimony, which you say you

         13   have no evidence to contradict, if someone gave him

         14   that sign, why wouldn't Richard be able to assume that

         15   that person had ownership of the sign and gave it to

         16   him?  Why should he assume the person had stolen the

         17   sign?

         18        A    I think you'd have to investigate that

         19   further with Mr. Smith.

         20        Q    So before Richard took the sign, he should

         21   have asked Mr. Smith where he got it and how he came

         22   into possession of it, things like that?

         23        A    Well, I mean it had my name on it.

         24        Q    Right.

         25        A    Why wouldn't he just give it back to me?


          1        Q    If Mr. Smith gave it to him and if Mr. Smith

          2   had ownership of the sign, why shouldn't Richard take

          3   the sign as a gift?

          4        A    Well, how would he have ownership of it?

          5        Q    I don't know.  Maybe you gave it to him.

          6   I'm just saying how would Richard know where this guy

          7   got the sign?  Was he under a duty to inquire how he

          8   came in possession of a campaign sign?

          9        A    Well, I think, you know, on one side he's

         10   saying, "Well, you know, Ron Price, you stole signs,

         11   but what I'm doing over here is okay," you know, "I've

         12   got your sign, but it's all right."

         13        Q    Well, are you saying Richard stole that

         14   sign, that Ron Price sign that he held at the parade?

         15   Are you saying here that Richard Moore stole that

         16   sign?

         17        A    Well, I think - I believe that the same

         18   standards should be applied across both parties.  You

         19   know, he's saying I'm a thief because I moved - was

         20   going to move signs that belong to - that were put out

         21   by Miller's representatives.

         22        Q    I'm just saying are you saying that Richard

         23   Moore stole the sign from you?

         24        A    Yes.  Yes.

         25        Q    All right.  So when---  What's the guy's


          1   name that gave it to you?

          2             MR. MOORE:  Eric Smith.

          3        Q    When Eric Smith gave Richard Moore the sign,

          4   in your view, your testimony is that Richard Moore

          5   stole the sign from you?

          6        A    Uh-huh.  Wouldn't that be possession of

          7   stolen property?

          8        Q    I'm just asking your opinion.  Do you

          9   believe he stole the sign?

         10        A    Uh-huh.

         11        Q    That's a yes?

         12        A    Yes.

         13        Q    All right.  Well, if he stole the sign, then

         14   that means you stole the signs, right?

         15        A    So we're both thieves; is that what you're

         16   saying?

         17        Q    That's my question, yes.  Isn't that right?

         18   I mean, you've just said that he stole the sign

         19   because someone gave it to him, and you said that's

         20   the same thing as what you did.  Therefore, you also

         21   stole the signs, correct?

         22        A    Therefore, we're either both thieves or

         23   we're both innocent.

         24        Q    Correct.  That's my question.  That's -

         25   you've just said he stole the sign, that he's a thief?


          1        A    Uh-huh.

          2        Q    So what I'm saying to you is, both of you

          3   stole the signs, and both of you are thieves, so

          4   there's no hypocrisy here.  Isn't that right?  That's

          5   what you've just testified to, correct?

          6        A    If one is going to apply, then it needs to

          7   apply to both.

          8        Q    So you both stole the signs, yes?

          9        A    Or we're both innocent.

         10        Q    But you've just said he stole it?

         11        A    Yeah.  He's saying I'm - I stole it.

         12        Q    Correct.  So you both stole the signs?

         13   That's all I'm asking.  Right?  You both stole the

         14   signs?

         15        A    Okay.

         16        Q    Okay.

         17        A    And we're both innocent.

         18        Q    Well, you've just sued him for stealing the

         19   signs.

         20        A    Yes.

         21        Q    I mean you've just sued him because he said

         22   you stole the signs?

         23        A    Uh-huh.

         24        Q    And you've just admitted that he stole your

         25   sign and what you did was the same thing he did.  So


          1   both of you-all stole the signs.  So how are you - why

          2   are you suing him for defamation?

          3        A    But the difference is that he kept my sign.

          4   I was taking them over to DOT.  I wasn't planning to

          5   keep those signs.  I had no use for those signs.

          6        Q    Okay.  So you believe in order to say

          7   someone stole something, that person has to keep it?

          8        A    Yes.

          9        Q    So if you steal it and give it to someone

         10   else, you haven't stolen it, right?  Is that - is that

         11   what you're saying?  You steal it and give it to

         12   someone else, you haven't stolen, is that right?

         13        A    Well, I don't know.  I wasn't giving it to

         14   someone else.

         15        Q    How about if you---?

         16        A    I was giving it---

         17        Q    I'm sorry.

         18        A    I was making it available to the people who

         19   originally had it.

         20        Q    And you said you took them to DOT to make it

         21   more difficult for them to get out before the

         22   election, right?  Right?

         23        A    Yes.

         24        Q    And you have admitted on your blog that that

         25   was wrong to do, right?


          1        A    That's correct.  It was not good

          2   sportsmanship.  I did not view that as a good, proper

          3   political move.

          4        Q    But you didn't steal the signs?

          5        A    I did not.

          6        Q    When Richard Moore says you stole the signs,

          7   he's committed defamation, right?

          8        A    That's correct.

          9        Q    But it's all right if you sit here and say

         10   Richard Moore stole the signs because someone gave him

         11   a sign and he kept it?  So you can say Richard stole

         12   signs, is that right?

         13        A    Well, my belief is or my understanding of

         14   libel is that when you go around printing and saying

         15   those things in public venue.  Now I haven't gone to

         16   anybody and said, "Listen, you know -" I haven't gone

         17   on WGSR and said, "Listen, listeners of Reidsville,

         18   Richard Moore has stolen my sign."  I have not done

         19   that.  I haven't - not - I have not run newspaper

         20   articles to say that he has stolen something from me.

         21        Q    But you equate what you did in removing the

         22   signs with Richard receiving the one sign after the

         23   election?  To you, they're similar?  That's a---

         24        A    Yes.

         25        Q    All right.  Okay.


          1             MR. HUX:  You've got to remember he's a

          2        layman.

          3             MR. COHEN:  As is Richard Moore, correct,

          4        which is kind of important in this case.

          5        A    Except that, you know, I did not initiate a

          6   suit against someone, and I was not out there---

          7        Q    You didn't initiate a suit?  You've sued

          8   him.

          9        A    Well, he initiated first.

         10        Q    Has he sued you?

         11        A    Well, his wife; I mean they're acting in

         12   concert.

         13        Q    You would agree with me, wouldn't you, that

         14   there's a difference in the legal term "to steal" -

         15   "larceny," "to steal"?  Would you agree with me

         16   there's a difference legally how lawyers view that and

         17   as a layman to say so-and-so stole something?

         18        A    I would hope not.

         19        Q    Oh, you don't think there's a difference in

         20   meanings?

         21        A    I would hope that, you know, the law or

         22   legal definition would be the same.

         23        Q    So you think when everyday people - you

         24   believe when everyday people walk around and we're

         25   talking and I say so-and-so's a thief---  Let me back


          1   up.

          2             Let's say you're talking to Joe Blow, the

          3   owner of the grocery store, and Joe Blow says,

          4   so-and-so's a thief, so-and-so stole something from

          5   me.  Do you think Joe Blow, the owner of the grocery

          6   store, understands the legal - the essential elements

          7   of larceny in the State of North Carolina?  Do you

          8   think he knows that?

          9        A    Well, I don't think he's applying it in that

         10   case.

         11        Q    Right.

         12        A    It's a liberal---

         13        Q    It's a liberal - when he said he stole it---

         14        A    ---view of interpretation.

         15        Q    Yeah.  He's saying that - he's saying that

         16   as the guy that owns the grocery store, right?

         17        A    Uh-huh.

         18        Q    Is that right?  Yes?

         19        A    Yeah.

         20        Q    All right.  Is Richard Moore a lawyer?  Is

         21   he a lawyer?  I'm asking you, is Richard a lawyer?

         22        A    No.

         23        Q    All right.  So if Joe Blow, the grocery man,

         24   can talk in a liberal interpretation, why can't

         25   Richard Moore talk in a liberal interpretation?  Why


          1   are there two sets of rules, one for Richard Moore and

          2   one for Joe Blow at the grocery store?

          3        A    Well, the man in the grocery store is not

          4   running a newspaper, he's not maintaining a web site,

          5   he's not going on TV---

          6        Q    Okay.  Got you.

          7        A    ---and making these proclamations.

          8        Q    All right.  So to you, the difference in

          9   Richard Moore in this case and Joe Blow, the grocery

         10   store owner, is that Joe Blow, the grocery store

         11   owner, has said it to you in a liberal layman's term,

         12   but Richard has said it in a different forum, which

         13   changes things because Richard has said it on

         14   television and in the newspaper, so that now makes it

         15   different.  Is that what you're trying to say?

         16        A    Yes.  I would---

         17        Q    Okay.  Would you be surprised to know that

         18   the law of defamation doesn't make that distinction,

         19   at least in all the cases I've read?

         20        A    I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know.

         21        Q    I understand that.  Had Richard Moore -

         22   based on what we just talked about, let's say Richard

         23   had told people that walked into his bookstore, "Oh,

         24   man, that Ron Price, he's a thief.  He stole the

         25   signs."  You know, people come in and they're talking,


          1   and the guy says, "Yeah, I don't like that Ron Price,"

          2   and the next guy says, "Oh, I like Ron Price.  He's no

          3   thief," blah, blah, and they argue.  Some people liked

          4   you; some people didn't.  And that's all Richard did.

          5   He didn't put it on the internet, he didn't put it in

          6   the newspaper, he didn't put it on television.  Would

          7   you have sued him?

          8        A    I wouldn't have known about it.

          9        Q    Well, let's say the guy that he told in his

         10   store came to you and said, "Richard Moore just told

         11   me you were a thief and stole a sign," you know.

         12        A    I don't think so.

         13        Q    You don't - you wouldn't have sued him.  You

         14   wouldn't have sued him, would you?

         15        A    (Witness nods head affirmatively.)

         16        Q    Is that a yes?

         17        A    Yes.

         18        Q    All right.  You sued him because he put it

         19   on TV and he put it in the newspaper and on the

         20   internet.  That's why you sued him, correct?

         21        A    Yes.

         22             MR. COHEN:  Okay.  Let me take a minute and

         23        talk to my client.

         24             (Thereupon, a recess is taken from 3:16 p.m.

         25        to 3:23 p.m.)


          1        Q    Let me ask you, Mr. Price, did you or your

          2   attorney send a letter to Richard Moore or his paper

          3   or the television station prior to filing the lawsuit

          4   asking them to make a retraction?

          5        A    No.

          6        Q    Okay.

          7        A    I spoke for myself.

          8        Q    Well, do you know - have you ever seen a

          9   letter such as that?  Do you---?

         10        A    Have I ever seen one?

         11        Q    Well, you didn't send it, correct?

         12             MR. HUX:  For the record, no letter was

         13        sent.

         14             MR. COHEN:  Okay.  Thank you, because that

         15        affects the damages.

         16        Q    Which, speaking of damages, look at the

         17   first exhibit, the answers to the interrogatories.

         18   Well, let me back up a minute.  I'm sorry.  Let me

         19   mark the complaint.

         20             (Thereupon, Deposition Exhibit Number 6 is

         21        marked for identification.)

         22             MR. COHEN:  Do you want another copy of the

         23        complaint?

         24             MR. HUX:  No, thank you.

         25        Q    Take a look at this.


          1             MR. COHEN:  What's that marked?  Six?

          2             THE COURT REPORTER:  Uh-huh.

          3        Q    Is that the lawsuit that was filed on your

          4   behalf?

          5             MR. HUX:  I don't think he's ever seen the

          6        summons.

          7        Q    Don't worry about the first two pages.  Just

          8   start with the third page, "Complaint."  Read

          9   paragraphs 1 through 7 to yourself.

         10        A    (Witness complies with request.)  Uh-huh,

         11   yes.

         12        Q    All right.  And then look at Exhibit 1,

         13   which is the answers.  And you see question 1(a),

         14   "Name, addresses, telephone numbers of anyone with

         15   information regarding allegations contained in 1

         16   through 7."  Those are the paragraphs you just read, 1

         17   through 7?

         18        A    Uh-huh.

         19        Q    And then that's the one we've already been

         20   over.  It says, the answer, "It's difficult to answer

         21   this question because most of the defendant's

         22   slanderous and libelous allegations were made live on

         23   the air during his 'Political Soup' television

         24   program, and they would certainly include -" and then

         25   you name these people that we've gone over.


          1        A    Uh-huh.

          2        Q    So I understand your complaint, the first

          3   cause of action, slander, are you talking about the

          4   statements that are---?  Flip that page.  Are you

          5   talking about those statements and on the following

          6   pages?  Is that what that first cause of action is

          7   about?  It says - well, I'm sorry - (b) says, "Set

          8   forth each alleged slanderous statement made by

          9   Richard Moore, and state the time and place."  This

         10   subsection seeks information with regard to paragraph

         11   1 through 7, and then the next page you have "Answer,"

         12   and you have "December 7, December 13, December 20,

         13   January 7, January 20, January 27, March 21, April 4."

         14   All those were on his TV show, is that---?

         15        A    Uh-huh.

         16        Q    Yes?

         17        A    Yes.

         18        Q    All right.  Okay.  Now for the internet,

         19   you've - your complaint has an internet defamation

         20   claim too.  Are you talking about the fact that he

         21   put---?

         22             MR. COHEN:  Was it Number 54 of The Neely

         23        Chronicle?  Was that the one?

         24             MR. MOORE:  Uh-huh, the last one.

         25        Q    Is the internet claim based upon Richard


          1   Moore putting that Number 54 edition of The Neely

          2   Chronicle on the internet for folks to read?  Is that

          3   what that's based on, the internet claim?

          4        A    No.  He had excerpts from The Chronicle---

          5        Q    Right.

          6        A    ---displayed on his web site.

          7        Q    Right.  That's---

          8        A    Some of it.  There were - there were

          9   modifications, additions.  Not all of what was on the

         10   internet was what was in the newspaper.

         11        Q    Okay.  What in particular on the internet

         12   are you saying was defamatory, in addition to The

         13   Neely Chronicle excerpts?

         14        A    Well, the stuff that was on there.  I sent

         15   you---  Oh.

         16        Q    What you sent me?  Well---

         17             MR. HUX:  The Buddy Ron stuff.

         18             MR. COHEN:  The what?  I'm sorry.

         19             MR. HUX:  The Buddy Ron stuff.

         20             MR. COHEN:  Buddy Ron stuff.  All right.

         21        Q    That was on the internet, but not in The

         22   Neely Chronicle?

         23        A    We'd have to look.

         24             MR. HUX:  No, I think it was in both.

         25             MR. COHEN:  In both?  Okay.


          1             MR. HUX:  Yeah.

          2        Q    So my question is, can you tell me what is

          3   the internet defamation information that was not also

          4   a part of The Neely Chronicle, specifically?

          5        A    Well, I'd have to sit down and compare it

          6   side by side.

          7             MR. COHEN:  Do you know?

          8             MR. HUX:  No.  There's stuff in here.

          9        There's the little - little blurbs that he uses

         10        to introduce different topics---

         11             MR. COHEN:  Okay.

         12             MR. HUX:  ---that he adds on the internet

         13        that introduce articles that come out of The

         14        Neely Chronicle.

         15             MR. COHEN:  So they're more headlines?

         16             MR. HUX:  They're headlines.  They're

         17        captions under the pictures, stuff like this.

         18        That's not from The Neely Chronicle.

         19             MR. COHEN:  Okay.  All right.

         20             MR. HUX:  It's just - that's just pulled out

         21        of somewhere; Ether, I think it is.

         22             MR. COHEN:  Okay.

         23             MR. HUX:  Plus, not to try to answer, but he

         24        also has all of the "Political Soup" programs on

         25        the web site that you can buy, and if you call


          1        up - call up the - all the "Political Soup"

          2        things---

          3             MR. COHEN:  Okay.  From the television

          4        stuff?

          5             MR. HUX:  For a price, yeah.

          6             MR. COHEN:  From the television show?

          7             MR. HUX:  On the internet.

          8             MR. COHEN:  On the internet.  Okay.

          9             MR. HUX:  Because it's not - it is certainly

         10        The Neely Chronicle, but it's not just The Neely

         11        Chronicle.

         12        Q    All right.  But other---  Let me put it this

         13   way.  Other than The Neely Chronicle and a

         14   reproduction of what was on television---  Put those

         15   to the side.  Other than The Neely Chronicle and the

         16   things that were on television, are you saying that

         17   the internet libel action independent of those two

         18   consists of headlines and captions?

         19        A    Well, no, because each one of these links go

         20   to specific material, and some of that is different

         21   than what has been both on the newspaper and on the

         22   TV.

         23        Q    Well, let me - I guess it's easier to back

         24   up.  Have you given me, through discovery - through

         25   the interrogatories and the document production, have


          1   you produced to me everything you contend in this

          2   lawsuit was defamatory?

          3        A    Yes, uh-huh.

          4        Q    All right.  That's all I need.  All right.

          5   In the Exhibit 1, when I asked about 14, "Damages set

          6   forth"---  And this is the page before the answer, the

          7   fourth page from the end.

          8             MR. HUX:  Is this the complaint or the

          9        answers?

         10             MR. COHEN:  No.

         11        A    This is the interrogatories, fourth one from

         12   the end?

         13        Q    Yeah, fourth page from the end.  You see

         14   "14," "Set forth in detail all categories of damage

         15   for which plaintiff seeks recovery and for each

         16   subcategory itemize each item of damage."  And you say

         17   you've been "ridiculed, slandered, libeled, publicly

         18   castigated by the defendant on television, in print,

         19   in person, [and public religious -] and a public

         20   religious parade."  "The complaint lists every amount

         21   of damage broken down by item," and I've looked

         22   through the complaint, and all I could see is that

         23   you're seeking more than $10,000 in damages for

         24   various claims.  So my question - let me start out

         25   like this:  Have you lost any employment because of


          1   any of the alleged defamation, any employment

          2   opportunities?

          3        A    Yes, I believe so.

          4        Q    What are they?

          5        A    Well, as I said, when I came up here, I had

          6   contacts with people.  I went out to California to

          7   talk to them about this Nations Pharmaceuticals,

          8   selling drugs or pharmaceuticals and the other

          9   services that they provide like laboratory management

         10   for doctors, in doctors' office dispensing, lien -

         11   medical lien funding.  These are all services we

         12   provide.  But, you know, for me to go in and talk to a

         13   doctor with these - these statements that have been

         14   made about me and everybody's aware of because they

         15   watch it on TV, or they - somebody will bring a Neely

         16   Chronicle in and point it out to them.  I think that's

         17   definitely had an impact on me being able to do

         18   business.

         19        Q    Well, let me ask, you told me you weren't

         20   currently working for the pharmaceutical company.  Are

         21   you working for them now?

         22        A    Yes.

         23        Q    I thought at the very beginning I asked if

         24   you were employed by anyone other than the school

         25   board?


          1        A    I - I do not work for them.  I'm a

          2   commissioned salesman.

          3        Q    All right.  Are you currently doing

          4   commissioned sales?

          5        A    No.

          6        Q    All right.  When is the last time you

          7   attempted to make a sale?

          8        A    Around September.

          9        Q    Of---?

         10        A    Of 2006.

         11        Q    All right.  And you were elected to the

         12   school board when?  In November?

         13        A    In November, yes.

         14        Q    All right.  Has anyone told you they would

         15   not do business with you because of the alleged

         16   defamation?

         17        A    No.

         18        Q    So do you have any evidence other than your

         19   feelings - do you have any evidence that anybody

         20   wouldn't do business with you?

         21        A    I don't have any sworn testimony from people

         22   who said, "I won't do business with you."

         23        Q    I mean, do you have any evidence whatsoever?

         24   Do you have a document?  Do you have an affidavit?  Do

         25   you have anything?


          1        A    No, I do not.

          2        Q    So you can't really say that you've lost

          3   wages, can you?

          4        A    Well, I can say it because I feel it.

          5        Q    Can you prove it?

          6        A    I can't prove it.

          7        Q    Okay.  You can say anything you want.

          8             MR. HUX:  You've got to phrase your

          9        questions the right way.

         10        Q    You can say it.  You agree with me, you

         11   can't prove it?

         12        A    I agree I can't prove it.

         13        Q    All right.  Have you gone to a therapist

         14   because of the alleged defamation?

         15        A    No.

         16        Q    Have you gone to a psychologist?

         17        A    No.

         18        Q    Psychiatrist?

         19        A    No.

         20        Q    Do you have any - has your family physician

         21   or anyone diagnosed you with any mental health

         22   problems?

         23        A    No.

         24        Q    Do you take any medications because of the

         25   alleged defamation?


          1        A    No.

          2        Q    You go to church in town?

          3        A    Yes, I do.

          4        Q    Have you been thrown out of your church?

          5        A    No.

          6        Q    Are you a deacon?

          7        A    No.

          8        Q    Have you been prevented from doing anything

          9   in church?  Has anyone - what kind of church is it?

         10        A    I go to---

         11        Q    Methodist?  Baptist?

         12        A    ---a Baptist church.

         13        Q    Has any - the preacher or anybody told you

         14   that they wouldn't allow you to take a certain

         15   position because of these allegations?

         16        A    That's being resisted right now.

         17        Q    I'm sorry?

         18        A    That's being resisted.  I don't know what

         19   the - what the ramifications are.  When I was in

         20   Florida, the last two churches I was in, I was a

         21   deacon.

         22        Q    Okay.

         23        A    When I came here, my wife and I went to the

         24   church for a period of time, about a year, and the

         25   pastor, who was seventy-four years old, took ill and


          1   had to resign.  For the last, well, almost a year now,

          2   we've been without a pastor.  We've had one deacon

          3   resign.  We had two, and there's one person in

          4   position, and it's been discussed about me becoming a

          5   deacon.

          6        Q    Okay.

          7        A    And there's been some resistance from some

          8   factors in the - in the congregation.

          9        Q    Have they told you what the resistance is

         10   based on?

         11        A    No.

         12        Q    So you don't know?

         13        A    I don't know that that's the cause.

         14        Q    You don't know that's the cause.  So, again,

         15   regardless of how you may feel, you can't prove that

         16   your reputation in the church has been harmed, can

         17   you?

         18        A    No.

         19        Q    All right.  Have any of your friends stopped

         20   going to dinner with you or going out with you?

         21        A    No.

         22        Q    Do you play golf?

         23        A    No.

         24        Q    Okay.  Didn't affect your golf game.  What

         25   kind of hobbies do you like to do?


          1        A    I don't know.  I guess it's primarily taking

          2   care of my grandchildren.

          3        Q    Okay.  Your grandchildren still love you---

          4        A    Yes.

          5        Q    ---despite the alleged defamation?

          6        A    Well, my grandchildren still love me, but,

          7   you know, when this first started coming out, my

          8   grandchildren, you know, they would ask me about this,

          9   my being caught stealing signs---

         10        Q    Right.

         11        A    ---and, "Grandpa, why were you stealing

         12   signs?"

         13        Q    And did you explain it to them the way you

         14   wanted to?

         15        A    Yes.

         16        Q    And they understand your position now?

         17        A    I'm not so sure.  You know, it's still a

         18   question in their mind, you know.

         19        Q    How old are they?

         20        A    Well, I've got a granddaughter who is

         21   twelve.

         22        Q    Okay.

         23        A    I've got a grandson who is seven.  Those are

         24   the two who are primarily impacted.

         25        Q    Okay.  What are your categories of damage?


          1   Explain to me how you've been damaged moneywise.  Can

          2   you break it down into---?  Let me strike that.

          3             How much money are you asking for in this

          4   case?

          5        A    Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

          6        Q    All right.  What's that based on?

          7        A    Based on punitive damage and the - and the

          8   seven articles or seven items listed in the---

          9        Q    Okay.  Break down the two hundred and fifty

         10   for me.  Like, why two hundred and fifty?  What's that

         11   based upon?

         12        A    The libel, the slander, the besmirching my

         13   character.

         14        Q    Okay.  I mean more like if - if you could

         15   prove that you had lost $100,000 in business, and, you

         16   know, there'd be the nexus, $100,000 lost wages, or if

         17   you had - in a car accident you have medical bills, so

         18   you go into court and say, "I've got $30,000 in

         19   medical bills."  How do you - where do you get the two

         20   fifty?  What's that based on?  Like, ten thousand for

         21   what, fifty thousand for what?  Is there - is it

         22   connected to anything, or is that just a figure pulled

         23   out of the air?

         24        A    No.  We felt that - I felt that that was

         25   reasonable compensation.


          1        Q    Based upon what?  Why do you deserve

          2   $250,000?  Why should a jury give you $250,000?

          3        A    Well, because if I - if I go - in my

          4   previous jobs, some of those jobs require that I have

          5   a top-secret clearance.  Example:  I applied to the

          6   county jail because I want to go in there and to

          7   mission work, and I have to fill out an application,

          8   and one of the first things is, have you ever been

          9   charged with a crime.

         10        Q    Uh-huh.

         11        A    And, you know, basically I have been, from

         12   what my attorney tells me.  The charges that were

         13   brought against me in the summons by Mrs. Moore have

         14   charged me with a criminal offense.

         15        Q    Charge you, but it's been dismissed?

         16        A    Right.

         17        Q    So - and you know that you could get that

         18   expunged---

         19        A    Expunged?

         20        Q    ---if you wanted to.  But, anyway---

         21        A    Well, how much would an expunge - how much

         22   would it cost to have it expunged?

         23        A    I can't do it for you.  I represent Richard.

         24   But I don't charge all that much.  I charge a hundred

         25   and fifty bucks.


          1             MR. HUX:  You'd better go see him.

          2             MR. COHEN:  He's more pricey than I am.  I

          3        don't charge much for expungements.

          4        Q    Anyway, do you realize because you didn't

          5   send the letter, that you're not entitled to punitive

          6   damages for certain of your claims?  Are you aware of

          7   that?

          8        A    No, I'm not.

          9        Q    What would the punitive damages be for?  Why

         10   are you - do you know what punitive damages are?

         11        A    No, but my attorney does.

         12        Q    Well, I mean you said the two fifty was

         13   based on punitive damage.  I just saying do you know

         14   what punitive damages are.

         15        A    I'm thinking as - because of the actions

         16   that were taken.

         17        Q    All right.  I'm almost done.  You said

         18   earlier you don't dispute that you pulled down -

         19   lifted up, pulled down Brad Miller's signs, right?  I

         20   mean, that's---

         21        A    That's right.

         22        Q    And you were going to take them to the DOT,

         23   you testified, because this was the night before the

         24   election and by the time the DOT got in touch with the

         25   Brad Miller campaign, basically the election would be


          1   over, so it made it more difficult for them to put

          2   them back?

          3        A    Oh, they would have been able to do it.  I

          4   felt that, you know, they would - they would get

          5   notified and they would have time to get them and put

          6   them out.

          7        Q    Okay.  But you said in the newspaper

          8   articles and you've said here, more importantly - you

          9   said you did take them there because it would make it

         10   more difficult for them to get them back in the ground

         11   than had you just left them on the ground?

         12        A    Yes.

         13        Q    All right.  So, I mean, that was your

         14   purpose, to make it more difficult for them to get

         15   back in the ground, is that correct?

         16        A    That's correct.

         17        Q    Well, if this statute says that a person who

         18   wantonly or maliciously pulls down signs not belonging

         19   to them is guilty of this crime, if a jury were to

         20   determine that that was wanton of you for trying to

         21   delay them getting back into the ground, then you

         22   would have violated the statute, wouldn't you?

         23        A    Let me put on my law cap here.

         24        Q    Okay.

         25        A    I don't - I don't think I can answer that.


          1   The---

          2        Q    Well---  Go ahead.  I'm sorry.

          3        A    This - when I - as I said, when I went

          4   through the financial training course for the

          5   candidacy for the school board, there were state

          6   statutes that were quoted we were - we were told

          7   about, which said that it was unlawful and it was

          8   unauthorized for anyone to put signs in a public

          9   right-of-way.

         10        Q    And you've admitted doing that.  You've

         11   admitted doing that, right?

         12        A    Yes.

         13        Q    All right.  So you violated that law, didn't

         14   you?

         15        A    But, you know, I was expecting that, you

         16   know - as a said, a gentlemen's agreement was if I---

         17        Q    I understand.  But you violated---  I'm

         18   sorry.

         19        A    ---put them up---

         20        Q    I'm sorry.

         21        A    Okay.

         22        Q    I'm sorry.  No, finish.  Finish.  I don't

         23   mean to stop you.

         24        A    Uh-huh.

         25        Q    You - you've admitted violating that


          1   particular statute?  You put signs up in the

          2   right-of-way, right?  You put up Vernon Robinson signs

          3   in the right-of-way, right?

          4        A    Well, yeah.  But the statute says that it's

          5   unauthorized, it's illegal, to put those signs up

          6   where they're used as a highway marker or a sign

          7   governing traffic control, things like that.

          8        Q    Okay.

          9        A    It says it's - it's not authorized for those

         10   signs to be in the public right-of-way.

         11        Q    Well, I'm confused now.  At the beginning of

         12   this deposition you were very clear that, in your

         13   view, it was illegal to put signs up in the

         14   right-of-way, and you took the Miller signs down, but

         15   when you put the Robinson signs back up, you were

         16   forced to agree with me that if they were illegal for

         17   the Democrats, they were illegal for the Republicans.

         18   So it's either illegal for both Miller and Robinson or

         19   it's not - or it's - it's either legal or not legal

         20   for both of them, right?

         21        A    And I believe what I said and what I was

         22   trying to get across was---

         23        Q    Okay.

         24        A    ---that it was kind of a gentlemen's

         25   agreement, you know, people put their signs in the


          1   right-of-way.

          2        Q    Okay.  Forget the gentlemen's agreement.

          3   I'm talking about you said you thought it was illegal

          4   to put signs in the right-of-way, and if it's illegal

          5   to put signs in the right-of-way, then you violated

          6   that law.

          7        A    Well, it's not illegal.  It says

          8   "unauthorized."  You're not authorized to put signs in

          9   a public right-of-way.  It's illegal to put signs that

         10   control traffic or---

         11        Q    Okay.  So then Brad Miller had not - his

         12   people had not violated any law when they put his

         13   signs in the right-of-way, right?

         14        A    They said they were unauthorized, so

         15   unauthorized signs should be taken down.

         16        Q    All right.  So you should have taken down

         17   the Robinson signs you stuck up?

         18        A    I figured - my thought was that somebody

         19   else was going to do that during the night.

         20        Q    Come on, Mr.---

         21        A    The very people who did---

         22        Q    Come on, Mr. Price, you can't have it both

         23   ways.  If it's wrong for the Miller signs to be in

         24   hole number A, it's wrong for the Robinson signs to be

         25   in a wrong [sic] number A, right?  Come on.


          1             MR. HUX:  Seth, you've asked this four

          2        times.

          3             MR. COHEN:  I know it.  The last time, and I

          4        promise I'll never ask again until we get to

          5        trial.

          6             MR. HUX:  I mean you got the answer you want

          7        three hours ago.

          8             MR. COHEN:  Yeah, you're right.  I did.

          9        You're right.  Thank you.

         10             MR. HUX:  You've got everything you need.

         11             MR. COHEN:  Thank you, professor.

         12        Q    All right.  14-384 doesn't say anything

         13   about right-of-ways, does it, the statute I just

         14   handed you, the one---?

         15        A    No.

         16        Q    And it doesn't say anything about taking

         17   them away and taking them home and keeping them, does

         18   it?

         19        A    No.

         20        Q    All right.  It says if you wantonly or

         21   maliciously tear down a sign that's not on your

         22   property, you're guilty of the statute.  That's what

         23   it says, right?  I mean, that's what it says?

         24        A    But do not these statutes work hand-in-hand,

         25   and are there not other statutes that will go


          1   hand-in-hand with this one?

          2        Q    I'm just asking you about the statute that

          3   you were charged with.  This is the only one that she

          4   charged you with, and that's what this one says,

          5   right?

          6        A    Uh-huh.

          7        Q    All right.  Now would you be surprised to

          8   know that Webster's defines "steal" as to take the

          9   property of another wrongfully and especially as a

         10   habitual or regular practice, but to take the property

         11   of another wrongfully?  That's not a legal definition,

         12   is it?  That's just Webster's, right?

         13        A    Uh-huh.

         14        Q    And you've agreed with me before that

         15   sometimes people use terms like "steal" or "thief"

         16   liberally, is that right, liberally meaning not in a

         17   legal sense?  People do use those terms not in a legal

         18   sense, correct?

         19        A    That's correct.

         20        Q    All right.  And Richard Moore never said you

         21   were guilty of larceny, did he?  You don't have any

         22   statement that you've given me that says Richard Moore

         23   or Debbie Moore said you were guilty of the crime of

         24   larceny, did they?

         25        A    I don't know.  I guess it's the definition


          1   of larceny and thievery.

          2        Q    I'm talking about that word.  Have you given

          3   me anything that says that they said - Richard and

          4   Debbie Moore said you were guilty of larceny?  It's

          5   not here, so I'm asking do you have it somewhere?  Do

          6   you have any evidence that they said you were guilty

          7   of larceny?

          8        A    Well, now Mr. Moore read this statement

          9   before the school board, which said that I was charged

         10   with larceny.

         11        Q    Said you were charged with larceny.  Well,

         12   that's the police report.  He read what was on the

         13   police report?

         14        A    Yeah.  Yeah.

         15        Q    That's - you know, that's - he's read what

         16   was on the police report.  That doesn't say you did

         17   it.  It said - that's the caption there.  You've

         18   already explained that to me.

         19        A    Uh-huh.

         20        Q    I'm saying when you answered my

         21   interrogatories and when you gave me documents,

         22   there's no evidence Richard Moore said on the web site

         23   or on TV or in the newspaper - he never said, "Ron

         24   Price is guilty of the crime of larceny," right?

         25        A    Not that I can recall at this time.


          1        Q    Right.  He said you stole the signs, right?

          2   That's what he said?

          3        A    Yes.

          4        Q    And he said you were a thief?

          5        A    Uh-huh.

          6        Q    That's basically what this case is about

          7   right?

          8        A    Right.

          9        Q    When all is said and done, this case is

         10   about - the defamation part is about Richard Moore

         11   saying you're a thief and you stole the signs, right?

         12   That's what the case is about?

         13        A    Uh-huh.

         14        Q    Is that a yes?

         15        A    Yes.  Yes.

         16             MR. COHEN:  All right.  Do you need to say

         17        anything to me?

         18             MR. MOORE:  Do I need to say anything to

         19        you?

         20             MR. COHEN:  Yeah.  Do you have anything you

         21        want to talk to me about?  Otherwise I'm done.

         22             MR. MOORE:  No, sir, I don't.

         23             MR. COHEN:  Then I'm done.  I'm done.  Do

         24        you have anything?

         25             MR. HUX:  No.  All my questions have been


          1        asked and answered.

          2                      - - - - - - - -

          3                         STIPULATION

          4             It is hereby stipulated and agreed by and

          5   between the parties of this proceeding that the

          6   reading and signing of the transcript be and the same

          7   are not hereby waived.

          8                      - - - - - - - -

          9               AND FURTHER DEPONENT SAITH NOT

         10             (Deposition completed: 3:51 p.m.)

         11                      - - - - - - - -
















          1                   WITNESS CERTIFICATION

          2             I, Ronald Filer Price, hereby certify,

          3             That I have read and examined the contents

          4   of the foregoing 97 pages of record of testimony as

          5   given by me at the time and place herein

          6   aforementioned;

          7             And that to the best of my knowledge and

          8   belief, the foregoing 97 pages are a complete and

          9   accurate record of all of the testimony given by me at

         10   said time, except as to where noted on the attached

         11   errata addenda.



         14             _______________________________________

         15             Ronald Filer Price


         17   Sworn to and subscribed before me,

         18   this the _________ day

         19   of ________________ 2007.


         21   _____________________________________

         22   Notary Public

         23   My Commission Expires:




          1                  E R R A T A   S H E E T


          3                       AND WIFE, DEBRA T. MOORE

          4   CASE NUMBER:        07 CvS 746

          5   DATE TAKEN:         NOVEMBER 15, 2007

          6   WITNESS:            RONALD FILER PRICE

          7   PAGE-LINE        READS                 SHOULD READ

          8   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

          9   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         10   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         11   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         12   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         13   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         14   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         15   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         16   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         17   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         18   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         19   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         20   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         21   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         22   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         23   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         24   ____|____|_________________|__________________________

         25   ____|____|_________________|__________________________



          1   NORTH CAROLINA


          3             I, Page Champion Roberts, CVR-CM, Notary

          4   Public, in and for the County of Guilford, State of

          5   North Carolina at Large, do hereby certify:

          6             That there appeared before me the foregoing

          7   witness at the time and place herein aforementioned;

          8   that the foregoing pages numbered 1 through 97,

          9   inclusive, constitute a true and correct transcription

         10   of the proceedings.

         11             I do further certify that the persons were

         12   present as stated in the appearances.

         13             I do further certify that I am not of

         14   counsel for, or in the employment of, either of the

         15   parties in this action, nor am I interested in the

         16   results of this action.

         17             IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my

         18   hand this the 8th day of December 2007.



         21             ____________________________________________

         22             Page Champion Roberts, CVR-CM

         23             Guilford County, North Carolina

         24             Notary Certificate No. 19942340081