Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nothing Has Changed: Reidsville High Scores

Below are the latest scores for Reidsville High from the state Dept. of Public Instruction.


Reidsville scored in the low 60s while the state average is in the low 80s.  Rockingham County scored in the mid 70s.

But on a higher note, I understand Reidsville has a pretty good football team.



Sunday, November 10, 2013

File a Complaint with Whom?

We've got news for Jay Donecker, Bubba has already reportedly moved back to his country home and is planning a cruise with Sheriff Page.

Found in the Reidsville Review:


During the election several accusations began floating around that several candidates moved to the city in order to run for council. Donecker’s opponents Tilley and Kearney are two that faced those accusations.

Donecker said the duo needs to continue living in Reidsville.

“If either moves out in the next few months I will file a complaint,” Donecker said. “It’s nothing against Bubba, its nothing against Vanessa; it’s against people who feel they can throw their hats in the ring, in which the residency may not be as appropriate as it should be.”

Donecker said he doesn’t say that with malice but he feels if someone runs in an election they need to be a resident.

“I will give both the benefit of the doubt that they will continue to live here,” Donecker said.

Found on the Review's Web Site

November 10, 2013: This ad is posted on the Reidsville Review's web site