Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Annie Penn Memorial Paid in Full

At one time in history, you could get your money's worth.

Yesterday was a bit hectic,  so I never had time to post this 66-year-old piece of memorabilia which marks the dawning of a new age.

This is the receipt that indicates Annie Penn Hospital was paid $45.00 for the cost of birthing me.  It also dashes the long-standing and widespread rumor that I am surely not from around here because of all the "mean and cruel" jokes I have reported about Rockingham County's beloved politicians.

I can't help but wonder what it would cost to bring me into this world today - $7,000, $8,000 or more.

Thanks to everyone for the Facebook birthday wishes yesterday - AARP, United Healthcare Medicare, VOIPo, Chevy Equinox Forum, Dr. Joe Adams, Prepaidonline, my brother, my wife, my son, and my daughter.  You're all peaches!

No word from Annie Penn.