Saturday, May 14, 2016

Oink and Ale Hullabaloo

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Honored guest and convicted felon W.L. Pryor was out and about greeting well-wishers.  Pryor pressed the flesh, made friends, and influenced people at Eden's Second Annual Oink and Ale event.

W.L. pulled up his pants in case of an unexpected flood.  He arrived around 6:00 PM and was immediately mobbed by admirers rather than a flood.  This is about as close we dared get to him.  Felons are often skittish around our camera.  We've found they will either attack us or cut and run when spotted.

Anyway it was great seeing W.L. Pryor has put that messy legal annoyance behind him and is back in the saddle and making people happy again.  Long live W.L. Pryor!

Oink and Ale is a half block of music, barbecue, and beer that has replaced the worn out and tired Ribfest.  There was less oink at Oink and Ale, but more ale than Ribfest.  Three or four barbecue vendors were aided by three or four beer vendors.  A $15 ticket got you 12 3-oz samples of beer.

Lemonade and pop were also available.  A booth or two offered cookies and cakes and there could have been a trinket vendor or two.

WGSR-TV spokesmodel Debbie Moore made repeated trips to the PIG POUNDER taps to refill her 3-oz sample cup.  I have to say the PIG POUNDER brew was very tasty.

Lemonade sales were a tad slow, but it was nice having a choice.

Miller Brewing is closing its Eden plant in four months.  It will be gone forever.  Nevertheless, the Miller folks were nice enough to appear at Oink and Ale and serve some beer.

The sign speaks for itself.

This girl sang for MOOSH.  MOOSH and RUN FOR THE BORDER provided entertainment for Oink and Ale.

This cute girl was collecting signatures to get Eric Fink on the ballot to run against Phil "Bathroom" Berger in November.  No matter how many times we told her that she was fighting for a hopeless cause, she kept smiling and encouraged me to sign her petition.  I did sign.  She has a little more than three weeks to collect 10,000 signatures.  Berger has ruffled a few feathers, but he is considered a GOD in Rockingham County.  Berger "represents" Rockingham County and northwest Guilford County.

Spokesmodel Debbie Moore pounds more PIG POUNDER and a barbecue sandwich.

I don't know who the guy on the right is.  We watched as a video cameraman followed him around, recording everything he did.  He is obviously standing beside a cop, but before he joined the cop, we had decided he is some sort of policeman.  Let us know if you know him.  Second guess is a minister.

Here is the reverse side of the guy.  Maybe this view will help you identify him.

Here is the City of Eden's ad for Oink and Ale.  Notice "several other local craft brewers" and "a commemorative tasting glass" beside an image of a glass.

Here is the commemorative tasting glass everyone received.  It is made of thin, lightweight plastic, not glass.

Did we mention W.L. Pryor attended Oink and Ale?  W.L. went to Carolina, did you know that?

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