Saturday, January 30, 2016

Be sure to vote TRUMP on March 15

This is a friendly reminder that we have an election coming up on March 15, 2016.  I've included links to all the ballots which you may see when you go to vote.  You are going to vote, right?

Unaffiliated ballot (for unaffiliated voters only)
Republican ballot (for Republicans or Unaffiliated voters)
Libertarian ballot (for Libertarian or Unaffiliated voters)
Democrat ballot (for Democrat or Unaffiliated voters)

If there is any possible way, vote for Donald Trump.  He's totally whacked, but he will make a great opponent in the November election.

Be sure to bring a photo ID with you when you vote.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wronger than usual

Something has gone wrong...I mean wronger than usual.

We are now entering the 5th day with no online Reidsville Review poll.  There is only news, opinion and business.  There has been no explanation or warning.

I am very worried about this new development.

Monday, January 11, 2016

A few good men

Jody Lawrenence has found a better job

The Reidsville Review is looking for a few good men.

Managing Editor
Tracking Code
Job Description
BH Media Group has a full-time opening for a Managing Editor – Rockingham County Newspapers. The Managing Editor is responsible for all news and editorial content in The Reidsville Review, Eden Daily News, The Madison Messenger and the Rockingham Now web site. S/he oversees news and sports reporting staff, works with the News & Record executive editor and with editors in the off-site universal desk where page production is done to achieve desired results.
• Assigns local news stories and photos, works with reporters to define newsworthy topics, refine ideas through reporting process. This includes looking for opportunities to enhance reader experiences through convergence opportunities, pushing for creativity in ideas/execution.
• Coaches and develops reporters, including fundamental reporting/writing skill enhancement as necessary. Gives constant feedback and looks for training opportunities for staff. Responsible for performance development reviews for all reporters.
• Edits copy for content, completeness, fairness, grammar and style and works with reporters to resolve problems, on deadline if need be. Understands and spots potential libel, privacy, fairness issues, knows how to resolve.
• Plans daily and weekend papers, makes sure we are covering appropriate timely topics and have local centerpiece candidates each day and enterprise stories for Sunday use, especially. Works with universal desk editors.
• Maintains a robust digital report by leading staff to update web site in a timely manner.
Required Skills
Relevant Bachelor’s degree required. Demonstrated ability to identify newsworthy topics, edit copy, and ability to work with reporters. Must possess strong interpersonal skills, creativity, excellent time management skills, and the ability to meet deadlines
Required Experience
 Minimum of 3 years reporting and editing experience.
Job Location
Reidsville, North Carolina, United States
Position Type
BH Media Group Holdings, Inc. (formerly World Media Enterprises/Midlands Newspapers)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stealing campaign signs is illegal

I got an interesting message from Rockingham County Board of Elections Director Tina Cardwell. North Carolina has modified its laws to make it perfectly clear stealing opponents' campaign signs and replacing them with signs supporting your candidate is illegal.
Here's Tina's message:
The Board of Elections has no authority over the placement of political signs. We do provide and review Political Sign Laws with Candidates when they set up their committees, and also provide this information to the public in an effort to inform.
Citizens with concerns about political signs can call the NCDOT toll free at (877) 368-4968 during normal business hours. Links to District Offices can be found on the NCDOT website at*
Signs unlawfully placed upon the property of another have no legal protection and can be disposed of by the property owner. This does not apply on days voting is taking place for properties that serve as a voting location.
General Statute 14-384 makes it a misdemeanor to remove lawfully placed signs, including political signs. Complaints as to an alleged violation of this criminal statute should be directed to law enforcement by the complaining party, not the County Board of Elections.
There is also a provision in General Statute 136-32(e) that makes it a misdemeanor to remove lawfully placed signs on right-of-ways. An alleged violation of this statute should also be reported to local law enforcement by the complaining party.
Please note 136-32(b). This section of the statute describes the period as to when it is lawful for political signs to be placed on right-of-ways.
In the past there has been some misinterpretation of the laws, which has caused people to steal campaign signs and then sue people who point out the impropriety of the theft. The NC Legislature has cleared up the confusion.