Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reidsville field could be named for coach

I've read the Review article four times and I still can't figure out who Smith is,  I must have missed something.  Anybody know?

"Smith said to this day, Knowles complains if a brown patch appears on the field. He did just that during a baseball game over the weekend."

"Smith offered his services to create a sign for the field with the new name."

Paul Long's Twitter page

I've discovered former Reidsville Review editor Paul Long has a Twitter page.  It's not particularly up-to-date, but it does exist.  Apparently Mr. Long is a very busy man.  You might want to check it out before he deletes it.

Britney dates local boy

The Reidsville Review is reporting that a local boy is dating Britney Spears.  By local we mean Appomattox.  We assume Appomattox is in Virginia, but we can't be sure.

Chicken and Waffles

Reidsville Downtown Merchants You may recall a couple of weeks I ago I mentioned my quest to try the three new Lay's potato chip flavors.  After some searching, I finally found the Sriracha and Cheesy Garlic Bread flavors.  I must tell you they were a disappointment.  The flavors were just not intense like the Chicken and Waffles.  My vote goes to Chicken and Waffles as the flavor to keep on the shelves.

A lot more intelligent than you and your redneck brethren

“I’m from upstate NY, which automatically makes me a lot more intelligent than you and your redneck brethren.”  - Paul Long, former editor, Reidsville Review

Reidsville Downtown Merchants Paul Long is the former editor of the Reidsville Review.  He now works as the city editor for the Martinsburg Journal in West Virginia.  Charlie Berch is a longtime friend of Paul’s.  Charlie works as a truck unloader for Lowes Home Improvement.  They both hail from upstate New York and are quite full of themselves.  These remarks originally appeared on Facebook, but Paul Long had the page removed (a demonstration of his power and the fear of his own words).  Their comments about Reidsville, the Review, North Carolina and myself follow:

Paul Long I wasn't aware I had died. Thanks for clearing that up for me. By the way, if you failed to get everyone riled up about that quote (which I happily admit to, by the way) when I worked in your not-so-fair city, I don't know how you could possibly think it would have any effect now. Then again, you are a delusional old fool, aren't you?

Charlie Berch They made a page for you!!?? Well I must say it sure looks like your doing a great job there!! Keep pissing off the "Necks" which by the way, I'M BETTER THEN THEM TOO!!! Lol!

Paul Long I left those necks behind seven months ago. One of the local losers who has antagonized each of the Review editors for decades is apparently having a tough time dealing with the fact that I left their shithole town on their own terms when he was so damn confident he was going to get me fired.

Paul Long On my own terms...just thinking about North Carolina makes my IQ drop 20 points and I forget how to type.

Reidsville Down Merchants I don't think New York people care much for North Carolina folk.

Paul Long A very astute assumption from such a simple man. (Sorry for the big words.)

Charlie Berch No we are fine with NC people we just don't like NECKS!!!

Paul Long Good to see you're still obsessed with the Review.  I have no doubt that they will hand full control of the paper over to you any day

Paul Long Was completely oblivious to it until one of my former employees brought it to my attention last night. But now that I'm back, it's play time. I look forward to having hours and hours of fun at your expense. Great profile pic, by the way. 

Charlie Berch So tell me Paul, just what is there agenda? Are this pissed cause the paper won't let post ads to sell their slaves? Or our they still pissed off about getting their ass kicked in the Civil war by a drunk general that wound up on a $50.00 bill.

Paul Long No, this ass clown just hates everybody who's ever been associated with his local paper. I think he grew up wanting to work there and he's still bitter because it never happened. I should point out that at various times he has attempted to publish his own paper, hosted a segment on a garbage local access TV show in which he did nothing but bash our paper, ran for public office more than once and attempted to run some quirky little book and liquor store. Each time he failed in spectacular fashion

 Paul Long Some of his redneck brethren are pissed because their Confederate monument got knocked over nearly two years ago and the city hasn't put it back yet. It's a beautiful statue, I have to faced south because the Rebel soldier was retreating from the Union army, as usual

Paul Long He wants to put my ugly mug on his Facebook page which he hijacked from the city, he'd better have thick skin. Because I'm just getting warmed up

Paul Long So SOAK IT IN, redneck brethren. Get good and mad. Just know that it will do you no good

Paul Long It saddens me to see that your fine Facebook page has finally been shut down or otherwise blocked. Perhaps it had something to do with the report I sent them last week. Please keep up the good work in your ongoing harassment of me. I'm sure my current employer will get around to firing me right around the time that Media General does. But hey, good luck with that.