Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Local Cafe' Offers Greensboro Cheesecake

The Reidsville Review is reporting a new cafe' is serving cheesecake made in Greensboro: "There are also several types of salads and desserts, including a popular cheesecake from Greensboro."

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Draper Gets Its Shag On

The Reidsville Review is reporting a crowd of nearly 100 people enjoyed a "shag" event in downtown Draper.

The Review reports the shag event featured a raffle that..."was good for a chance to win a tabletop cooler, a roll up beach mat, a $15 gift certificate from Fisherman’s Galley, and much more."

Also reported was "Many people sitting in lawn chairs were bobbing their heads to the sound of the band playing and occasionally would get up and dance right in front of the stage."

A shag afficianado said she had never heard of the band that played, but they were pretty good.

No word on who won the beach mat, the $15 gift certificate, and much more.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eden Outlaws Sofas


The Reidsville Review is reporting the City of Eden is considering outlawing sofas on your front porch.  If enacted, the law will forbid Eden residents from lounging on the front porch on Grandma's sofa.  The law will also provide opportunity to get even with that neighbor who has pissed you off.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

GSO Swallowing Rockingham County News

It's truly amazing how quickly the Greensboro News has adopted Rockingham County since the same mogul (Warren Buffet) bought both companies.

Eventually the Reidsville Review will go away and the Greensboro News will take over the entire operation.  Already Greensboro News editors and reporters have moved in to run the Review.  Rockingham County (Reidsville Review/Eden Daily News/Madison Messenger) stories are beginning to appear daily on the Greensboro News web site.  Before the purchase of the two papers, you were lucky to read a single Rockingham County story every week in the Greensboro News.

Today the Greensboro News features a story about Eden's former Mayor for Life Johnny Grogan with a photograph.  The Reidsville Review has a story about a Madison company considering moving its headquarters to Greensboro. Tomorrow there is likely to be two or three Rockingham County stories in the Greensboro News.

The transformation of local news is unprecedented.  And troubling.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Doug Hux

I came across this ditty on the innertubes.  Click the link and see what you think.

Doug Hux represented Desmond Carter who was executed by the state of North Carolina.   Clark Prosecutor had this to say about Hux, "The lawyer – Doug Hux – appointed by the court to represent Carter at trial because he could not afford a private attorney, apparently has a history of making demeaning statements about clients and charging exorbitant fees."

Mr. Hux also unsuccessfully represented Ron Price in his lawsuit against Richard and Debbie Moore and the Neely Chronicle.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mayor Card

Click photo to see the true authenticity

Reidsville Mayor James Klenner Festerman may claim he is not running for re-election against the Confederate Monument people, but he still knows how to work a crowd.  This happy six-year old got a fist bump and his own personal MAYOR CARD from the man himself at a Friday night Cruise-In.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Walmart Attracts Criminals


These suspects are accused of trying to pull a tire heist at a Winston-Salem Walmart.  These three are typical of the Walmart criminal..

Do you pay much attention to the news?  Of course you do, after all you are reading this.

Ever notice how much crime occurs at Walmarts around the country, especially here in the Triad.  A shoplifting here, a murder there, somebody's ass gets beat.  Crime at Walmart is absolutely astounding.  People love to get in trouble at Walmart.



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Citizens Call for Price's Resignation

The Reidsville Review is reporting that Rockingham County citizens are calling for the resignation of School Board member Ron Price.

Price is in trouble because he has called for citizens to support and send their children to charter schools, called for prayer in schools, and called his fellow board member Amanda Bell some nasty names.

Price is serving his second four-year term on the School Board.  He was re-elected for a second term after being caught stealing campaign signs from the roadside during his first term.  Price unsuccessfully sued the Neely Chronicle for reporting his theft of the signs.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Piece of Cake for Sale

Downtown Reidsville Authority/Real Estate Agent Terresia Scoble is reporting A PIECE OF CAKE on Market St, is going out of business.  Market St. is the town's haut couture for fine dining.

If you would to purchase A PIECE OF CAKE, contact Terresia at 336-347-2307.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ron Price Has Server Difficulty

He claims to be a computer wizard, but Rockingham County School Board member Ron Price is not particularly adept with email.  He often sends his email to places he never intended it to go.  We've received several of his emails that were supposed to go to the Reidsville Review.  Below is a sample of one email he has sent several times to Review "reporter" Danielle Battaglia.  We were going to hold on to the email, but after receiving it multiple times, we've decided to print it here.  And, yes, we are aware some weasel will rat us out to Ron.

Ron can't seem to understand why Danielle never gets her email.  It must be a problem "that was lost during the server difficulty."

A portion of the Ron Price email follows:

"In 1962 prayer was removed from the public schools.  Then in 1963 the Bible was removed and another pillar of our morality was eliminated from the public schools arena. Today our teachers and administrators who have high moral values are restricted and inhibited from using their faith based morality to impart moral values to our students.  The result of these factors is the statistics we see in the NC sex statistics.rtf. The implementation of government regulations on sex education actually worsens the statistics.  They remove inhibitions and modesty and promote promiscuity."

The email contains several attachments that make reference to all manner of disgusting sexual things.  We will not include them here because this is a family web site.

Obviously Ron is fully aroused by the very, very slim prospect of his over-riding the United States Supreme Court and getting prayer and the Bible back in the classrooms.  At least it will win him some votes if that damn Yahoo email server stops with the "difficulty".
Update: Ron is continuing to blabber to Danielle in more emails which are coming here rather than the Review.  Ron's emails focus on sex.  We frequently get emails intended for the Review, a veterinary office, and a legal firm.

Update 2:  He waited almost three full years, but Ron Price just updated his blog at  (June 26, 2013). Apparently Ron believes there is enough interest in Common Core (?) that he is compelled to do an update.  His previous update was August 24, 2010.

Monday, July 1, 2013

4th of July Advice

The Review is reporting Rockingham County Fire Marshal Robert Cardwell says: "Light fuse, get away quickly."

Rockingham County: Where the Jobs Are

There are a lot of people looking for jobs in Rockingham County.  Unfortunately there are few jobs to be found.  Below is a list of the hottest jobs in this area:

 1. Occupational Therapist - Help Grandma exercise, some diaper changing and feeding required.  Plenty of overtime available.  Jobs in all cities.

 2. Rental Center Sales Person - Rent TVs, computers, refrigerators, furniture, etc. to those who can't get credit or don't have the cash to buy.  Check with any rental location. If they don't have an immediate opening, they will hire you for a future opening which means you will only have to wait a month at the most for a job.

 3. Kentucky Fried Chicken - All positions open from Manager to Chicken Cooker.  Apply in Eden only,  Reidsville never has any openings.

 4. Pizza Hut - All positions open from Manager to Delivery Driver.  Apply in Reidsville and Madison only.

 5. Insurance Salesman - Apply in Reidsville only.

 6. Drug Store Help - These are normally part-time Supervisor positions.  Must be good with senior citizens.   Apply in Reidsville only.

 7. Sales Person - These positions are available at all Senior living facilities.

 8. Analytical Microbiologist - Opening at Miller Brewing in Eden.  No education or experience required.

 9. Speeh-Language Pathologist - Help Grandma learn to speak again after her stroke.  Apply at any senior living faacility.

10. Electrial Generator Maintenance - National Guard Reidsville office only.

11. Retail Store Sales Associate - Performs sales, stocking and customer service functions for  retail store engaged primarily in selling donated merchandise.  Reidsville Goodwill Industries.  Part-time only.