Thursday, March 31, 2016

The ALIEN is about to land

Prepare yourself.  This is one your great-grand children will be talking about for a long time.  You'll want to capture the moment and treasure it for a lifetime.

The Gallucci ALIEN is coming in for a landing on April 4th.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rockingham County History - Remember This #2

Do you remember this guy with the finger?  There's a strong hint sitting in the background.

The answer will be revealed soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rockingham County History - Remember This #1

Do you remember these two ladies?  Can you name them?  They were famous in Rockingham County.  After leaving our county, they became even "famouser."

I'll reveal the answer in a couple of days.


I'm really surprised at our readers.  There were hundreds of guesses, but no one recognized Heather Leavitt (L) and Lisa Perry (R).

Heather and Lisa worked for W. L. Pryor and Ernie Sewell who ran the Committee of 100's partnership for economic and tourism development (the BORG).

Economic Development and Tourism were originally controlled by Rockingham County government, but W.L. and Ernie convinced the County Commissioners to turn it over to the very private Committee of 100.  With the additional secrecy, the Committee of 100 would raise a "war chest" of nearly unlimited funds which would be used to lure companies to Rockingham County.

This new arrangement went on for several years.  Eventually the Committee of 100 realized things were not working out and turned it all back over to the county government when it became obvious they had failed.

Don Moss was the original head of the BORG.  He quit and went to Charlottee.

W.L. ran things for a while, but he was eventually charged with some sort of illegal gaming. 

Lisa Perry was hired, but she quit and went to the Isle of Wight.  Isle of Wight is a county on the coast of Virginia.  

Heather quit and went to Forsyth County.

The last I heard Lisa had sued the Isle of Wight and a county commissioner for $2.85 million for violating her rights under the Family Medical Leave Act.  As the story goes, Lisa hurt her shoulder, took a medical leave, and then the county commissioner talked trash about her.

Anyways, things didn't work so well for anyone.

I don't read anything in the Reidsville Review about the great accomplishments of the Committee of 100, EconomicDevelopment, or Tourism.  Chinqua-Penn has closed.  Chinaqua-Penn was the entire reason for Tourism's existence.  The Business and Technology Center in Wentworth, which was also run by the Committee of 100, has gone out of business.  The Reidsville Industrial Park has only two tenants after more than 10 years of operation.  Ernie moved to Greensboro.  I don't know what's become of W.L.

The Rockingham County economy and Tourism are in the dumper.  It's a sad situation.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bubba takes Rockingham County

Bubba Tilley and The Donald have made a clean sweep of the Rockingham County election results.  Fred Pedone not so much.

The triumvirate is now complete...another Berger is crowned victor in the Commissioners race!

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Movie usher explains Republican proposal

     Usher Dallas Britt (second from right) at the movies

Movie theater usher Dallas Britt has really blown it this time.  Britt's silly Reidsville Review article is about a proposed Republican plan to kick unaffiliated voters out of the primary Republican election.

Although Britt fails to mention it, Rockingham County Republicans alone don't get to decide whether unaffiliated voters can vote for Republicans in the primary election.  The entire state Republican party would have to make the decision.

Britt also claims Bert Jones is a Representative in the U.S. House.  Even the most dense Rockingham County resident knows Bert Jones serves in the NC state house.  Apparently, Britt is not a Rockingham County resident.

Britt said Texas U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert spoke at the Rockingham County Republican soiree to support Ted Cruz.  Gohmert is considered one of the most unstable members of the U.S. House.
"Anyone who has ever wondered what happened to that strange-looking, banjo-playing kid from “Deliverance” should check out Rep. Louie Gohmert. Imagine that kid all grown up and you’ll have the spitting image of the Texas Republican.
Like banjo boy, Gohmert is weirdly mesmerizing. What swamp did he wander out of and how in the world did he get elected to the United States House of Representatives? The scary answer: There are thousands of people just like him in Texas’s 1st Congressional District."
...and apparently a lot in Rockingham County too

Click here to try to make sense of Britt's nonsense

Note: Without any acknowledgement or comment, Dallas Britt has very quietly fixed the Bert Jones error. You're welcome, Britt.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pillar in the community gets 16-24 years

The Barber of Draper and Eden spokesmodel Tommy Woodall has been sentenced to 16-24 years in prison after pleading guilty to child prostitution charges.   The Judge in the case referred to Woodall as a "pillar in the community" before passing the sentence.

Read all about it here.