Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mayonnaise on Gitmo sandwiches

It's pretty hard to find someone who writes more gibberish than Reidsville Review reporter Danielle Battaglia.  She's no Bev Smalls, who is best known for copying her unedited notes directly into the Review, but she is mighty impressive when it comes to making up total nonsense.

To read an example of Danielle's mixed up crap, click here to read a report on Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger's trip to Cuba to witness the prosecution of terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Although Danielle never explains exactly why Rockingham County taxpayers sent Phil to Cuba, she does go out of her way to assure us that Khalid is being treated fairly by the U.S. justice system.  Berger reports Khalid was waterboarded only 183 times during his imprisonment for more than ten years awaiting trial.

Berger said Khalid did not appear malnourished and was allowed to pull out a mat and pray before court proceedings, something we here in the USA are not allowed to do when we go to city council and county commissioner meetings.

On the downside,"one prisoner complained about mayonnaise being on his sandwich."

Berger had to bear his own burdens.  While at Gitmo, he lived with no Starbucks, no cell phone service, and very limited wi-fi, which sounded like living in Rockingham County.  It was not a pretty thing.

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