Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gone and forgotten: Horse Park of the South

Tens of thousands of dollars spent on consulting fees, millions spent on property investment, illegal secret meetings held to hide it all from competing counties, and, of course, promotions like the one shown here (amount unknown)...and all I got was a lousy Horse Park hat!  Thanks a lot!

This is one of the more notorious legacies of the Rockingham County Commissioners and County Manager Tom Robinson (and his horse consultant buddy).  It all came to nothing, except to remove many acres of land from the property tax roles and maybe a half dozen part-time stable hands with no manure to shovel.

Do you remember this debacle that was supposed to be the economic salvation of our county?  It wasn't that long ago that this fiasco went down here in Rockingham County.

Here's a rear view of the Horse Park of the South hat, declaring Rockingham County, NC to be the proprietor of the next wonder of the world..  

This fine hat was presented to us by Reidsville Mayor James Festerman.  Festerman was a big proponent of the Horse Park of the South

Festerman and the County Commissioners have been wrong about so many things, but we keep re-electing them - time and time again.  Festerman was even caught in a beach Food Lion incident and it didn't affect him roaring back into office.  Keith Mabe was stripped of his Commissioner chairmanship and served time in jail, but he will be re-elected.

We have no one to blame, but ourselves.

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  1. Yeah, another failed waste of money by our (Leaders) Ahem,more money wasted.