Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Dr. Bill Capehart Caper

Dr. Bill Capehart gives the finger to the Rockingham County School Board.  His assistant, Bill Holcomb, dozes.

You gotta figure anybody with PhDs coming out their wazo is a pretty happy fellow.  While it's true he has held at least 23 jobs in his 30+ year career, and he's still looking for another gig, Dr. Bill Capehart is a pretty happy fellow at this point...he's working the Rockingham County School Board for all it's worth

Capehart had recently left a very sour, but brief job as the Superintend of Public Schools in Boyd County, Kentucky where he flip-flopped a few times on an argument about sex clubs in the schools.  The Holy Rollers didn't like the idea of sex clubs, but the ACLU and the law thought otherwise. Caperhart "began flipping and flopping more than a catfish tossed up on the banks of the Ohio River."  What's a poor Superintendent to do?  Well, flip-flop, of course, until the jig is up and you move on to the next job.  Capehart's flip-flopping got him featured in a New York Times article.  Apparently, the article got Capehart noticed by the Rockingham County School Board.

That finger is part of his lecture to the Rockingham County School Board when Capehart was the new Superintendent of Schools.  Yes, that's right, for a very brief seven month period, Capehart was the head dude in charge of education in Rockingham County.  It was a short, but very exciting run.

Dr. Bill Capehart runs one of his few Rockingham County School Board meetings

I'm not sure whether the seven months covers his Leave of Absence or not.  But soon after taking the Rockingham County Superintendent job, Capehart went out on medical leave.  It was reported he had some sort of heart ailment.

Eventually School Board Chairman Wayne Kirkman got to wondering about Capehart's condition and starting doing some checking.  It seems Bill Capehart wasn't quite so sick as the Rockingham County School Board had been led to believe.  He wasn't at home suffering in his sick bed.  Capehart was discovered working at Marshall University in West Virginia while on sick leave from Rockingham County.  Capehart even had an office and a phone number at Marshall University.  You could call him up and chat if you liked.  All the while he had a paying job in Rockingham County.

Capehart had two jobs at in Rockingham County and one in Huntington, West Virginia.

Wayne Kirkman is pretty dumb, but this didn't sit well with the Chairman.  The School Board had no choice, but to let Capehart go.  Rockingham County had been hoodwinked and Marshall University got their man fulltime.

After Capehart was shed of the Rockingham County School Board, and comfortable at Marshall U., the Reidsville Review finally got wind of what was going on and reported Capehart blamed his troubles on the Neely Chronicle.

I've included a copy of Capeharts resume in this link.  You can see he refers to his heart ailment as a "Personal Family Health Issue" and calls the Rockingham County School Board "challenging" and "politically polarized".  I've pulled the section from Capehart's resume about Rockingham County below:

Superintendent | Rockingham County Schools
JAN '05 - JAN '06 (1 YEAR) | EDEN, NC
Superintendent, Rockingham County Schools, Eden, North Carolina 2005 to 2006: Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances occur in every family. My tenure here in this school district of 9,000 was limited to seven months due to a personal family health issue. Although it was a very political polarized board, all members were valuable assets attempting to do what was needed for children. This leadership position was the most challenging to date. Now, with the family need taken care of. I returned home to Marshall University, where I had served as an an adjunct professor from 1973 -2006.

I have no doubt Capehart's experience with the Rockingham County School Board was "challenging". This was during the time of Celeste DePriest, Wayne Kirkman and Herman Hines. I should note Rockingham County has about 14,000 students, not 9,000 as Superintendent Capehart seemed to think.

If you click the link to his full resume, you will see Capehart is currently working at the gift shop and snack bar at Lakewood Campgrounds at Myrtle Beach.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the lower right hand corner.  Apparently, the Professor is doing a fine job there.  He's been there for two years and got a raise for outstanding performance.  I understand the gifts and snacks are also outstanding.  You have to wonder what happened at Rio Grande University in Ohio that sent Capehart to work at a campground.  A heart condition, maybe?

Nevertheless, Dr. Bill Capehart would like another job.  Maybe something in school administration.  Gift shop and snack bar work is not so rewarding.

I should mention Lakewood is serviced by Snappy Zappy's Pizza and has guest wi-fi in the coffee shop.  Snappy's only gets one star from but, hey, you can't have everything.  Can you, Dr. Bill?

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