Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tree of the Year

Something dropped into my memory today.  It was one of those moments when a vision suddenly returns from far away.  I remember when the Reidsville City Council started its Tree of the Year Award.  It was more than five years ago.  It was called something else, but that's what it was - Tree of the Year.

Jeff Sykes was involved and it seems like Downtown Girl Terresia Scoble was as well.  There was great excitement about the program.  Each year the Tree Committee would pick a special tree to be recognized.

I remember when the first tree was chosen and saluted and then I never heard another word said about the Tree of the Year.  I think I'd like to ask a City Council member about the Tree of the Year. 

I wonder how the Tree of the Year program is going.  Maybe get some photos of past winners and then post them here. 

Anyone know where the current Tree of the Year is located?

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