Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dubby kicks robber's ass!

Former County Commissioner and Guru of Rockingham County W.L. "Dubby" Pryor threatens to kick my ass for photographing him at a public event.  Many Rockingham County Commissioners have made the same threat. 

Badass Dubby singlehandedly managed to fight off a pistol-packing robber at his Sweepstakes Depot in Ruffin at 4:30 AM Saturday morning in much the same style as he handled me at the Eden Country Club.

Pryor was picking up his daily haul to take home when he was approached by a man with a pistol.  A struggle ensued, Dubby was struck in the head with the gun, and the cowardly bandit made off with most of the loot after Dubby put up a brave defense. 

There were no witnesses, but Dubby reported the robber was a six-feet tall black man, 190 lbs. and was wearing a black hoodie.

Expect an insurance claim to be filed.

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