Friday, June 19, 2015

Daddy Rabbit: beach busted

Mayor James "Daddy Rabbit" Festerman busted and banned

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping track of the Reidsville Review lately. I've been distracted by Jay Donecker claiming dominion over the sky and everything under it. The Donecker case is still alive. You will be hearing more about it soon.

During all the Donecker hubbub, the Review has become inaccessible via It's now known as  This indicates the last vestige of a local newspaper has been completely wiped off the face of the earth.

But ace reporter Danny Battaglia is still on her game. She is reporting...well, I'm not sure what she is reporting.  But. it apparently has something to do with Daddy Rabbit Festerman.  If you believe Battaglia, and I'm not sure you can, Festerman was busted at Atlantic Beach, NC.  Festerman has a home at Atlantic Beach.

Battaglia is reporting Daddy Rabbit was nabbed for larceny and trespassing at the Atlantic Beach Food Lion.  It sounds like a Terresa Scoble case.

Festerman is denying everything, but Battaglia says the Food Lion "employees warned Festerman not to come back. When he returned the next day, they notified police."

Festerman says his attorney has told him not to discuss the case.

Atlantic Beach police say they know "nothing.", but Battaglia says "It's not clear what happened."

Click here to the read the mysterious story

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