Friday, October 17, 2014

Reidsville Review possessed by demons

I've waited a week to see what the Reidsville Review would say about what is probably the biggest civil liberties decision made in decades.  The Greensboro News was all over the story, but the Review very delicately avoided discussion of the issue.

A small note about the first gay couple in Rockingham County was posted for two days on the Review's front page and then was very quickly taken down and hidden away from view.  Most stories last more than a month on the Review's front page, but not a gay story.

A graph showing how disgusted the citizens of Rockingham County are with the legal decision to allow gay marriage reflected the 70 percent vote to adopt the ridiculous constitutional Amendment One passed in North Carolina a couple of years ago.  That graph stayed up for days and days on the Review's web site.  If anything, Rockingham County is now even more disgusted than when Amendment One was approved.  And so is apparently the Reidsville Review.

This week a Rockingham County magistrate resigned in protest over the gay marriage issue.  He didn't want to marry gay couples.  The Greensboro News posted the story.  Hell, they even posted it in the Review's web folder, but the Review has declined to mention the event.

The Review is a pathetic excuse for a newspaper.

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