Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bethany Community Middle School Trunk or Treat

Granny and Raggedy Ann won the costume contest.

A closeup of Raggedy Ann

Rockford Peach Jennifer Moore Miller won the cutest adult costume contest.  Believe it or not, Ms. Miller is 37 years old.

Per standard procedure, some kid dressed up as professional "rassler" Kane.

The referee, the baseball player and the football player. 

Gangsta style

I think this little one was dressed as a skeleton.


Quiet please.

Not sure who or what this kid was, but he was cute.

As was this fellow.

Debbie Moore likes Split P

Cute kid

Fairy princess gone wrong

Nasty cut

Another satisfied customer

County Commissioner candidate Craig Travis had the scariest booth.  He was also the only politician who came to Trunk or Treat and the only person out of hundreds who wasn't afraid to smoke on school grounds.  Who's afraid of the law?  Atta boy, Craig!

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