Monday, April 21, 2014


This may or may not appear in the local news media because the person arrested was a highly placed Reidsville employee.  She has been charged with larceny.  I'm guessing some city funds were absconded.  The Reidsville Police Department made the collar at City Hall.  Shame has descended upon the entire city.  It is a sad day in R-Town.

Update:  I'm going to have modify my story.  It's still a highly placed Reidsville employee and it's still larceny, but it's not city funds and the location of the collar is uncertain.  Shame has still descended upon the city and it's still a sad day.  What's changed is the victim...the charge is shoplifting at Walmart, which isn't really a crime.  Everybody in Reidsville steals from Walmart, which makes it more of a sport rather than a crime.

Update: The Reidsville employee has been placed on paid administrative leave.  She will be allowed to continue doing what she has always done - absolutely nothing.  Meanwhile a second city employee has come under investigation for taking kickbacks from people hired by the city.  This may get interesting.

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  1. Thanks Richard, that is what I love about you, you tell us the truth