Saturday, October 17, 2015

Reidsville Roll rolls into Reidsville

It's official!  Reidsville has become so famous it now has a sushi roll named after the city.  The mixture of crabstick, cream cheese and cucumber wrapped in seaweed and rice is served with wasabi (the green blob) and ginger.  Six "Reidsville Rolls" runs about $7.00 at Taste of Japon on Freeway Drive.  It's a bit tricky getting to Taste of Japan, what with the six-year plus road construction project, but it's worth the circumnavigation to taste the "Reidsville Roll".

Nothing goes with a Reidsville Roll like Yaki Soba..

We know it's not biscuits or pizza, Reidsville's two facorite foods, but it's still pretty tasty stuff.

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