Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Help the Review out of a jam

The Reidsville Review's Halloween poll is being pretty much ignored by its readers.  This is an indication the poll is not being shared with the Greensboro News.

Please help the Review out of a jam by responding to its Halloween poll.

Thank you.


  1. Dear Readers: How many of you would like to see more coverage of Dubby's legal troubles ? How many of you would like to hear more about Zero? How many would like more details about the Draper child prostitution ring? OR had you rather focus on Halloween decorations?

  2. This time of the year many people are very interested in Halloween decorations.

  3. I know people are interested in Halloween decorations, but I do have to agree with DulciPicker on this one. Or how about all the stoplights going up on the new freeway drive when half of the sores are closing?
    Old Pennrose Mall is a shambles now with more stores closing esp in that area Kmart, etc. Wally world has gobbled them up. Wouldn't old Sam be pleased?