Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bad to the Bone: Eden and Reidsville Recognized!

Eden and Reidsville have been selected as the 9th and 11th worst cities to live in North Carolina.

146 NC cities were ranked based on population, education, crime, and economics.

It will be interesting to hear Reidsville Mayor Jay Donecker's comments on this finding.  He certainly did a lot of bragging when Creditdonkey picked Reidsville as one of the best places to live

Read about Eden and Reidsville's dubious distinction here.

Go to to get an idea why Eden and Reidsville were chosen as the worst places.


  1. Not surprised at all. There is nothing here in Reidsville to intice anyone here.Drive around the city and you see all the for sale signs up. No industry, nothing is here.
    We have more restaurants and grocery stores than you can see. This town is dying on the vine.

  2. and... this is shocking to anyone ? I would think they would have been much worse than 10-11 th...Rockingham co is a bump. NO I moved years ago Thank heavens