Saturday, July 25, 2015

A memo to the City Council

I know the Reidsville City Council is very busy, especially with the Confederate Monument
vandalism and the Garcia Johnson thing.  I'm afraid they don't have time to see and hear
all the news,  So, I sent them a helpful reminder about the latest Eden/Reidsville survey.

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Because none of you ever answer your email, it's kinda hard to tell who is active on the internet and who is not.

You may recall Mayor Donecker crowing about how Reidsville has been named one of the finest places to live in NC.  His opinions were guided by a web site called Credit Donkey.  Credit Donkey thought Reidsville was just swell and therefore the Mayor proclaimed Reidsville as the best.

Now it seems there's a web site with a conflicting opinion of Reidsville and Eden.  I wanted to make sure you know about another view of our beloved city.  Eden was picked as #9 and Reidsville came in as #11 out of the worst places to live in the entire state.  

The competition was fierce, but we had a decent showing.  146 NC towns were evaluated.   With the Confederate Monument vandalism and the Garcia Johnson incident, we might can catch Eden in the next survey.

Anyway, here's the link to the survey:

Because we didn't make the top ten, you'll have to scroll down the page to see Reidsville.  But, there's always next year!


Ricardo Montoban

Eden's Sylvia Grogan was so incensed about the ratings that she ordered all Eden residents to avoid the web site and not to discuss the findings.  In case you don't know, Sylvia is deceased Eden Mayor John Grogan's wife.  Mayor Donecker might want to consider issuing a similar edict to Reidsville residents.

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