Saturday, December 27, 2014

Reidsville Review needs a few good men

If you work for the Reidsville Review, then you already know about the company and other facts much worse than what's listed below. However, most folks don't work for the Review and they might get a kick out of knowing a little something about the conditions at the Sharknado of Newspapers. BH Media is Berkshire-Hathaway. It is owned by Warren Buffet, the filthy rich billionaire. These BH reviews accompanied an online ad for a new Review sports reporter. I especially like the last review where some guy complains about having to take a $700 per month pay cut when Buffet took over.

BH Media Employer Reviews

Company Attributes

  • Job Work/Life Balance
  • Compensation/Benefits
  • Job Security/Advancement
  • Management
  • Job Culture

Laid back management
Circulation District Supervisor (Current Employee), Omaha, NE – February 9, 2014
I would say that because this is a dying industry that the management just wants to hold on to their current positions without taking the risks necessary to try and improve business conditions and capture more of the market.

Change is coming
Manager (Current Employee), Tulsa, OK – September 29, 2013
Pros: no debt for the company, checks always cash when they finally arrive.
Cons: lack of caring for employees, no perks, poor benefits, paychecks arrived whenever
When Berkshsire Hathaway purchased our companay, the reps held a meeting to reassure us that the company would continue to operate the way it had in the past. They also said, "change is coming" but you wont notice.,

After taking a $700/ month cut in pay, I dont know how they think I wouldnt notice!

People that were reduced in force were not replaced and their duties were passed on to the remaining skeleton crew.

If you want to work harder for less money and no perks, Berkshire Hathaway Media, Inc is your place. There is a reason Warren Buffet makes money - HE DOESNT SPEND IT on making employees happy. – less

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