Saturday, November 15, 2014

Elections Board creates doubt

I have just received the list of write-in votes for this past election.  Voters could write-in names for U.S. Senator, School Board, and Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.  If you wrote-in a name for any other office, they probably threw your ballot away and didn't count any of your votes.

It's helluva list...dozens and dozens of namea for the three offices.  Take a few minutes to review the list carefully.  It's worth the effort.  Funny, funny stuff!  Notice how many votes Bubba Tilley, Phil Berger, Jesus, and Mickey Mouse got.  Elections Director Tina Caldwell even got a Soil and Water vote.

Obviously the Board of Elections put in some work to record these votes, but unfortunately the Board did not record my write-in vote for Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor in the Moss St. - Va District.

This is not the first election where the Board has missed a write-in vote.  Makes me wonder about the honesty and accuracy of an election in Rockingham County.

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