Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Irony of the Parade

I just watched the Draper Childrens Parade on WGSR TV (47.1 on your dial).

The first thing I noticed was the Eden Police Department (and every parade entry) throwing candy to the parade spectators.  Children and adults were dashing into the street to grab the treats.

This is terribly ironic considering it is unlawful for anyone, including the Police Dept., to throw candy out during a Reidsville parade.  The Reidsville City Council considers candy throwing to be too hazardous to the public.

I should note it is not easy to tell why it's called the Draper Childrens Parade.  With the exception of the candy throwing, an incredible clatter of sirens and horn honking, and a noticeable lack of dance troupes, it looks just like the Reidsville Parade.

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