Monday, December 30, 2013

Amore Monday 12.0

I ate at a new place tonight.  At least I guess it was new.  It looked new to me.  It was Carrabba's Italian Grill in Greensboro.

I ordered the Amore Monday 12.0.  12.0 was the number after the menu description for the item I wanted.  I guess it was the price, but it might have been the rating of the item on a 1-20 scale.  If it was a rating, then 12.0 seemed about right.  If it was the price, it should looked like this "$12.00".

I won't bore you with a description of the meal or the service.  Like I said the 12.0 could have been a rating.

I will however mention something I thought was a bit extraordinary.  Carrabba's has an open kitchen.  The cooks are lined up along the grills, fryers, ovens, etc.  When the cooks turn around there is counter where the waiters pick up the dishes.  It's all open for the diners to see.  We were seated right in front of the counter and I was turned to watch the cooking and the waiters picking up the food.

I noticed one poor cook was assigned to mind the fryer and make salad.  Making salad means throwing lettuce in a metal bowl and then tossing it around with the dressing and then pouring it onto a plate.  That's all he did all night - check the fryer and toss the lettuce.

But that's not the extraordinary part.

Here's what was extraordinary:  I watched a waiter (not our waiter) stick his fingers in a pitcher of wine.  He tried unsuccessfully for a few seconds to get something out of the wine.  I guess he was fishing for a bit of cork or maybe a fly.  When the fingers didn't work he changed to a spoon and that seemed to work much better.  He then delivered the pitcher of wine to its table and the guests seemed to enjoy it.

That's my review of Carrabba's in Greensboro.

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