Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lowes Foods Expands Cheese Line

If you've been to Lowes Foods lately, you've noticed they are in the middle of a store overhaul.  Things are being moved about, long sections of shelving are empty, prices are being changed, new products are being added, and old products are disappearing.

There has been a serious transformation in the cheese department - Lowes now has two kinds of Romano cheese.  Lowes has never stocked Romano cheese.  I love Romano cheese which is unfortunate because it is $12.49 and $18.49 per pound.  A chunk of Romano cheese the size of your fist is approaching $25.

All i can do is stare at the Romano cheese.  I certainly can't afford to buy it.

I don't think the Romano cheese will be around for long at Lowes.  Somebody will eventually pick up the three pieces remaining without looking at the price.and it will be gone and never return.

Hello Romano.  Goodbye Romano.

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