Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Voting, Gummy Bears, Sharia Law, and Motorcycles

Rockingham County's very own Senator Phil Berger was the butt of the joke on The Daily Show with John Stewart last night. Temporary host John Oliver made fun of Berger's ridiculous effort to suppress voting in the state.  According to Berger, a single case of voter fraud last year justifies the state's strict new identification requirements on 4-1/2 million voters.  When you go to vote this year make sure you have your drivers license handy to prove who you are.  Also note you will have less time to register to vote and less time to vote early.

Oliver also took a few shots at the state's new anti-abortion laws.  North Carolina recently closed down nearly every abortion clinic in the state.  Oliver compared the new state law to gummy bears, Sharia law and motorcycle safety.

According to Oliver, North Carolina now ranks with Texas and Florida for foolish laws.

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