Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shame on you, Mr. Ron Price

“Shame on you, Mr. [Ron] Price.” - Rockingham County School Board member Hal Griffin lectures fellow board member Ron Price for stirring up citizens about Common Core standards.  Common Core has been proposed by both state and federal governments.

Common Core opponent Janette Goode, a Ron Price supporter, said “Everybody knows that when I ran for office I ran against technology,”

Goode believes Common Core wil soon enable iPads to read a student's blood and deliver a report to the government and to corporations.  The information will be used to decide who is hired.

“You need to get rid of it now or you’re going to be on the road to serfdom,” Goode said. “The government is going to tell you who digs a ditch and who gets to work for Microsoft. That’s the bottom line.”

Hal Griffin warned the anti-Common Core crowd to change the TV channel, “Those of you who spoke against the Common Core tonight need to stop watching so much Fox News,” Griffin said.

The Price/Goode Group wants a special school board meeting to discuss Common Core with parents.

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