Monday, July 1, 2013

Rockingham County: Where the Jobs Are

There are a lot of people looking for jobs in Rockingham County.  Unfortunately there are few jobs to be found.  Below is a list of the hottest jobs in this area:

 1. Occupational Therapist - Help Grandma exercise, some diaper changing and feeding required.  Plenty of overtime available.  Jobs in all cities.

 2. Rental Center Sales Person - Rent TVs, computers, refrigerators, furniture, etc. to those who can't get credit or don't have the cash to buy.  Check with any rental location. If they don't have an immediate opening, they will hire you for a future opening which means you will only have to wait a month at the most for a job.

 3. Kentucky Fried Chicken - All positions open from Manager to Chicken Cooker.  Apply in Eden only,  Reidsville never has any openings.

 4. Pizza Hut - All positions open from Manager to Delivery Driver.  Apply in Reidsville and Madison only.

 5. Insurance Salesman - Apply in Reidsville only.

 6. Drug Store Help - These are normally part-time Supervisor positions.  Must be good with senior citizens.   Apply in Reidsville only.

 7. Sales Person - These positions are available at all Senior living facilities.

 8. Analytical Microbiologist - Opening at Miller Brewing in Eden.  No education or experience required.

 9. Speeh-Language Pathologist - Help Grandma learn to speak again after her stroke.  Apply at any senior living faacility.

10. Electrial Generator Maintenance - National Guard Reidsville office only.

11. Retail Store Sales Associate - Performs sales, stocking and customer service functions for  retail store engaged primarily in selling donated merchandise.  Reidsville Goodwill Industries.  Part-time only.


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