Sunday, July 21, 2013

GSO Swallowing Rockingham County News

It's truly amazing how quickly the Greensboro News has adopted Rockingham County since the same mogul (Warren Buffet) bought both companies.

Eventually the Reidsville Review will go away and the Greensboro News will take over the entire operation.  Already Greensboro News editors and reporters have moved in to run the Review.  Rockingham County (Reidsville Review/Eden Daily News/Madison Messenger) stories are beginning to appear daily on the Greensboro News web site.  Before the purchase of the two papers, you were lucky to read a single Rockingham County story every week in the Greensboro News.

Today the Greensboro News features a story about Eden's former Mayor for Life Johnny Grogan with a photograph.  The Reidsville Review has a story about a Madison company considering moving its headquarters to Greensboro. Tomorrow there is likely to be two or three Rockingham County stories in the Greensboro News.

The transformation of local news is unprecedented.  And troubling.

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