Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bubba Tilley Too Controversial

I couldn't help but notice HPAC honcho Bubba Tilley got tossed out of a Reidsville City Council meeting today.  Bubba has often lectured me on being too controversial, an embarrassment on the good name of Reidsville.

Bubba's offense was offending Mayor James Festerman who doesn't much care for being offended.  The excuse used for shutting down Bubba was he used too much time when speaking.

Bubba exceeded his three minute time limit and was shown the door. Actually it's OK to exceed three minutes if you praise some action of the City Council. 

Bubba was not praising the City Council, he was trying to play a tape of a conversation between a Reidsville Review reporter and the head knocker of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  According to the Review, the UDC accused the City of trying to convince the UDC that the Confederate monument belongs to the UDC and not the City.  In other words, the City was hoping to wash its hands of the Monument.  It was something Mayor Festerman didn't care to hear again from Bubba Tilley.

Bubba needs to realize he has become too controversial for Reidsville.  Bubba also needs to realize the only reason he was allowed to say anything is because several years earlier a man successfully challenged Festerman's claim to be the Supreme God of What the Public Can Say at City Council Meetings.

FYI to Bubba:  There is a state law which prevents City Councils from meeting in private, which is where apparently the City Council decided it does not own the Monument.

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