Thursday, April 11, 2013

Board should consider snake handling


The Reidsville Review is reporting the Rockingham County School Board is being led down a dangerous path.  School Board member Ron Price is trying to persuade the Board to open its meetings with "invocations".

Actually what Ron wants is full, all-out Christian prayer before every School Board meeting.  Ron is from Florida so he doesn't remember the days when the Rockingham Board resolutely prayed before every meeting.  Then the Board decided prayer wasn't legal, and then we had "invocation", and then a moment of silence, and then nothing.

The Board could have stuck with " invocations" but members like Herman Hines soon turned the "invocations" back into Christian prayer, asking the Lord (and/or his son) to strike the Board with wisdom.  The Lord never seemed inclined to do Herman's bidding, but Herman and Wayne Kirkman were stubborn and kept up the need for more and more prayer.

Now Ron wants to turn back the clock to the good old days before the U.S. Supreme Court got involved in the prayer in schools mess.

I say let's do it right!  Skip the prayers, skip the invocations, skip the moments of silence...go straight to snake handling, talking in tongues, and dancing.   Anything if it will make the little fuckers any smarter.  That's why Ron wants "invocations", right?  To make the little fuckers smarter? Not because of some twisted notion of this is a Christian nation and the School Board should behave like it.

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