Saturday, November 5, 2016


I stay up pretty late at night, not Donald Trump late, but still late.  I usually go to bed around 2 AM.  Sometimes I stay up later, sometimes I go to bed earlier.  I watch a lot of TV in the wee hours.  At those hours you see unusual things, especially the commercials.

Adam and Eve offers a lot of interesting half-hour infomercials.  I never knew there were some many double-function adult novelties available.  Many of them come with a free DVD.  I'm not sure all of this stuff is legal in North Carolina.  

There's all kinds of rubber sealants and furniture finish repair kits.  Did you know you can make a boat out of a screen door or make a scuff on your coffee table disappear before your eyes?  It's like magic!

Two of the most interesting products are V.I. POO and POO-POURRI.  These are similar products that must have been invented by elves, wood nymphs, wizards or fairies.

It's all quite simple.  When you are ready to drop a deuce and are concerned about lingering odor, reach into your pocket or purse and pull out a small aerosol spray bottle and spritz a few squirts on the surface of the water.  Drop your load and the aroma is sealed below the surface of the water.  Wipe and flush and there's nothing left but a natural and pleasing odor.  It's incredible.

V.I. POO is available in lemon, rose, lavender, and fruit aromas.  POO-POURRI is available in lavender vanilla, lavender mint, and merry spritzmas.  With the holidays coming up, I'm ordering the Merry Spritzmas for my wife.  It's going to be a happier time around my house!

Still not sure about these products?  I've included a couple of videos to help explain these valuable aromatics.  Enjoy.

It smells like Diaper Gravy!  Poo-Poosh It Real Good!  An Appetizing Blend of Natural Oils.

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