Monday, October 17, 2016

Presidential Chia heads announced

This is pretty big news.  I thought I should get it out there as quickly as possible.  Chia has announced it is producing a limited edition of Presidential Heads.  Heads for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the big sellers, but Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama are also available.

These are really easy to use.  Rub some Chia seeds on the head and water.  Bingo!  You'll soon have a growing bust of your Presidential candidate.  A Donald Trump head would make an excellent choice for County Commissioner Craig Travis.

If we had a K-Mart, the Presidential Heads would be available there.  Too bad K-Mart has gone out of business in Reidsville.  I don't know if Eden has a K-Mart.  

I guess you'll have to contact Chia directly to get some head.

I am waiting for the Ted Cruz head to place my order.

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  1. I want a Clinton bobble head!!

    1. You'd better order soon. This is a SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION!