Thursday, September 8, 2016

I got a letter from Donald Trump

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I guess my secret is out.  Even Presidential nominee Donald Trump now knows it.  He sent me a letter asking me to donate $5,000 to his campaign.  Donald obviously knows I am filthy rich.  He wants my money to help him win the race to the White House.

Jeez!  I thought the guy was a multi-billionaire and he would be paying his own way to the top.  Now he's asking me for money.

It's a thee-page letter, so I won't print it here.

But I am including a survey that accompanied the letter.  I have filled out the survey with all my answers under the Clinton column.

I will return the survey to Donald in the postage paid envelop, and I will not include Donald's request for $15 to pay for the postage.

Sorry, Donald, but you're a rich guy and you said you would be paying for your own campaign.  So, have at it.

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