Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I was shocked today!

Burger King before the wrecking ball struck

I was told today that the old Burger King located at Scales and Richardson in Reidsville has been torn down after being boarded up for years.  The Burgers King's plywood windows and doors were one of the main attractions on the famous Reidsville Walking Tour.

Family Dollar is slated to build a new location in the former Burger King spot.  Reidsville will soon have access to almost as many Dollar (Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree) stores as pizza parlors, tattoo shops, and beauty salons.

It's easy to understand why Reidsville was picked as one of the top cities in the state.


  1. yep that's all going to be left. Dollar stores and lets not forget walgreens and wally world.

    1. Pull yourself together, man! We've got each other.

    2. well it's all gone awaiting another doller general

    3. Good! A town like Reidsville can never have too many Dollar General stores.