Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vote Trump!

There it is.  In black and white.  I changed my party affiliation this week.  I now officially belong to the party of alleged drunk driver and doper Keith Mabe and alleged political sign thief Ron Price.

I can't say that it feels good.  Being in a group with Keith Mabe and Ron Price is not something to be proud of, but there is a reason behind my madness and it's only temporary.

I want to vote in the Republican presidential primary.  I want Donald Trump to win.  No, not the office of the President, but I want him to win the Republican primary.  I want to be guaranteed a place in the long line of Republican voters who will put him up against somebody else.  I am convinced Trump will lose in the general election, no matter who he runs against.  So, I want to make sure Trump wins the primary election.

Trump reminds me of every asshole I ever worked for in my former life.  The assholes I worked for weren't rich like The Donald, but they had the Trump swagger.  Trump is loud and obnoxious.  Donald Trump knows everything about everything.  He is the ultimate authority and there is no point in arguing with him because he is always right about everything.  Trump will answer your question before you can even ask it.  Yeap, Donald Trump is the man!

If you care about our country, vote Trump in the March primary.

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