Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Would you like some hot butter on your newspaper?

I've discussed this with several media associates and the consensus is I should go ahead with my Dallas Britt biography.  Everyone agrees Dallas has a brighter future in store for himself.  He probably won't be with the Reidsville Review for very long.

Dallas, of course, replaced Review reporter Katie Mann who went on to become an overnight sensation in the broadcast media.  Katie now works for a TV station in Dayton, Ohio.

Here's a picture of Dallas right before he began work at the Reidsville Review.  Dallas is the 2nd one from the right.  Dallas worked at a movie theater.  He served in the concession stand and worked as an usher.  I guess he got to see the movie GRAVITY for free!  It must have been a great gig.

It's on this job where Dallas began his trade as a newspaper reporter.  He probably learned how to format photos for the newspaper while he worked at the movie theater.  The concession stand must be a great place to learn about newspapers.

Here's a photo of Dallas all gussied up for his high school senior prom.  Dallas is the one on the bottom.  Doesn't he look sharp?  I suppose the one in red is his prom date.

We can only wonder in amazement at what the next stop in Dallas' career will be.

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