Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reidsville praises the Gallucci

The Reidsville City Council introduced the public to the Gallucci (or the Alien) which will soon stand in the spot formerly occupied by the Confederate Monument.  Approximately 100 citizens attended the gala held at Cafe 99.  Everyone agreed the Gallucci (or the Alien) is a thing of great beauty and will bring much honor to the city.

Here is a view of the model of the Gallucci (or the Alien).  The actual Gallucci (or the Alien) will stand 18 feet tall.  The little green thing on the left is a model of a man.  This will give you an idea of the scale of the final product.  The blue light in the top of the Gallucci (or the Alien) has been turned off because it was blinding the audience.

Mayors Festerman and Turner meet the Gallucci's creator and admire his handiwork.

Here is a closeup of the Gallucci (or the Alien).

This is an even closer closeup of the Gallucci (or the Alien).

This may look like City Manager Kelly Almond, but it's actually his clone Michael Pearce.  Pearce is fielding a comment from the audience, praising the Gallucci (or the Alien).  To the left of Pearce is a mock-up of the Gallucci (or the Alien) on Scales St. where it will be erected.

Former Mayor Jay Donecket drinks in a coffee and the admiration of the Gallucci (or the Alien).

This is one of the many admirers gathered to celebrate and praise the great Gallucci (or the Alien).

Seated in front of Jake and Elwood Blues are Brad and Tammy Spencer.  They are friends with the Gallucci (or the Alien) creator.  The Spencers still run the City of Reidsville and decide what is and is not appropriate.  The Gallucci is definitely appropriate.

A somewhat dour looking Mayor Susan Turner and her husband Clark listen as the Gallucci's (or the Alien) creator excites the citizens of Reidsville with his plan.

One citizen complained she did not like the blue Alien egg at the top of the Gallucci (or the Alien).  She suggested it be replaced with a bud of a tobacco plant.  Because she is a very prominent citizen, former Mayor Jay Donecker did some backpedaling on the Gallucci (or the Alien) , telling the crowd that the Gallucci (or the Alien) is merely a proposal which could be changed.  The crowd would have none of the Mayor's nonsense.  Reidsville wants the Gallucci (or the Alien).

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