Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ron Price reporter further muddies the waters

I'm sorry we have not discussed Ron Price reporter Danielle Battaglia catching two more criminals in the act.  We've been really busy searching for the lost airliner MH370.

Anyways, Ron Price reporter Danielle caught Craig Blitzer overcharging a client back when he was a defense attorney.   Blitzer is running to replace Belinda Foster as District Attorney.  The Ron Price reporter failed to note Eden attorney Doug Hux was charged with the same offense.  Hux of course represented Price when he went after a Neely Chronicle reporter for $250,000.

Ron Price reporter Battaglia also went after Sheriff Sam Page for endorsing Blitzer.  And, Page endorsed Ira Tilley for Mayor of the Confederate Monument.  Page believes he is innocent and so does the County Manager and the Rockingham County Elections Department.  Unfortunately the state attorney general and the state elections board think otherwise.  You can read the Ron Price reporter's story to decide for yourself.

It's all a very confusing mess, made even more confusing by Danielle's style of middle school writing.

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